How Far is Truist Park from Downtown Atlanta?

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How Far is Truist Park from Downtown Atlanta

Truist Park is approximately 10 miles northwest of Downtown Atlanta. The journey typically takes around 20 minutes by car.

Truist Park, situated in the bustling Cumberland area of Metro Atlanta, stands as the home of the Atlanta Braves, one of the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball. Easily accessible via the I-285 and I-75 highways, this state-of-the-art stadium combines modern amenities with a classic ballpark atmosphere.

Fans flock here not just for the high-caliber baseball, but also for The Battery Atlanta, an adjacent entertainment district offering dining, shopping, and nightlife. With its proximity to the city center, Truist Park has become a favorite destination for both sports enthusiasts and visitors looking to experience a piece of Atlanta’s vibrant culture. Whether you’re catching an afternoon game or enjoying a concert under the stars, Truist Park promises an unforgettable experience just a short drive from the heart of the city.

Truist Park: Atlanta’s Home For Baseball

Nestled in the heart of Cobb County, Truist Park stands proudly as the beacon of baseball in Atlanta. This modern paradise for baseball fans sits just a short drive away from the bustling streets of Downtown Atlanta. It is the perfect blend of sports enthusiasm and Georgia charm.

The Rise Of A New Stadium

Truist Park, opening its gates in 2017, marked a new chapter for Atlanta’s baseball history.
Transitioning from the historic Turner Field, this state-of-the-art venue promised fans a fresh and elevated experience.

  • Located approximately 13 miles from downtown Atlanta
  • Accessible via major highways and public transportation
  • Home to the Atlanta Braves since 2017

Baseball’s New Southern Home

True to the spirit of the South, Truist Park blends a welcoming atmosphere with thrilling baseball action.
Fans gather here to cheer on the Atlanta Braves, enjoying an array of amenities.

Truist Park Features
Special Areas:The Battery Atlanta, Monument Garden
Accessibility:Parking, Rideshare, Shuttle Service

A visit to Truist Park means exciting games, delicious food, and unforgettable memories, all a short journey from downtown.

Atlanta’s Urban Tapestry

Welcome to the heart of the Peach State, where Atlanta’s Urban Tapestry is a vibrant portrayal of history and modernity interwoven to form a rich cultural fabric. This bustling metropolis offers a seamless blend of southern charm and dynamic city life, with its epicenter none other than the Downtown Atlanta area. Though Truist Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves, is situated outside this pulsing core, its distance from the downtown area is just a short journey through Atlanta’s diverse cityscape.

The Pulse Of Downtown Atlanta

In the core of the city, Downtown Atlanta beats with the energy of a ceaseless rhythm. It’s here where stately office towers stand shoulder to shoulder with iconic attractions, representing the hustle of business with the pleasure of entertainment. For sports fans, the buzz might lead one to wonder about the proximity of Truist Park—a beacon for baseball enthusiasts.

Cultural And Commercial Hotspots

Downtown Atlanta isn’t just another business district; it’s a melting pot of cultural and commercial hotspots. From world-renowned museums to sprawling marketplaces, each corner offers something unique. Reflecting this diversity is Truist Park, nestled in the outskirts yet easily accessible, creating a bridge between the lively city center and the sprawling suburbs.

Beyond the skyscrapers and historic landmarks lie the answers to just how far the energy extends. In a direct line, Truist Park is located roughly 10 miles from the central buzz of Downtown Atlanta; a testament to the city’s expansive embrace. Travelers can glide along the metropolitan veins, reaching this premier baseball stadium typically within a swift 15 to 20-minute drive, traffic permitting.

Distance and Travel Time from Downtown Atlanta to Truist Park
Distance10 miles
Regular Travel Time15-20 minutes
Peak Hour Travel Time30 minutes+

Measuring The Miles

Measuring the miles between Truist Park and Downtown Atlanta is more than just quoting a distance. It’s about understanding the journey from the heart of the city to the home of the Atlanta Braves. For locals and visitors alike, this route represents the connection between the bustling city center and the exciting, crowd-pleasing world of baseball.

Exact Distances

Wondering just how far Truist Park is from Downtown Atlanta? The straight-line distance might deceive you. To capture the true measure, we’ll break down the specifics:

  • By Car: Approximately 10-14 miles depending on the route.
  • Public Transportation: Involves a combination of buses and trains.
  • By Bike or on Foot: An adventure for the zealous, spanning over a dozen miles.

Map Overview

Visual learners, rejoice! A map paints a thousand words when charting the course from Downtown Atlanta to Truist Park. Here’s what a map visualization offers:

  1. Major Roadways: Identifies the best routes to take.
  2. Public Transit Lines: Shows nearby MARTA stations and bus lines.
  3. Estimated Travel Time: Offers time estimations for different modes of transport.

From highways to byways, each path leads you through Atlanta’s dynamic landscape, straight to the throng of Braves fans ready for the next pitch.

Traveling To Truist Park

Truist Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves, sits proudly just outside the heart of Atlanta. Fans eager to catch a game can find multiple ways to reach this acclaimed ballpark. Whether you choose to drive or use public transportation, planning your trip to Truist Park is essential. Let’s explore the best routes and options to ensure you arrive on time for the first pitch! Driving to Truist Park is a popular option for many. This iconic stadium is located at 755 Battery Avenue, Atlanta, just 10 miles from downtown Atlanta.

Starting PointRouteEstimated Time
Downtown AtlantaI-75 N20-30 minutes
Atlanta AirportI-285 N35-50 minutes
Midtown AtlantaGA-400 N15-25 minutes

Note: Travel times can vary greatly depending on traffic, especially during game days. Always allow extra time for possible delays. For those who prefer not to drive, several public transportation options are available to reach Truist Park.

  • MARTA: Take the Red Line to the Arts Center Station, then transfer to the Cumberland Shuttle.
  • CobbLinc: Direct bus services to the ballpark area.
  • Rideshare: Uber and Lyft drop-off points are designated near the stadium for convenience.

The Cumberland Shuttle connects directly with the MARTA rail system, providing an easy and efficient way to get to the games without the hassle of parking.

Game Day Experience

Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, sits a short drive from the heart of Atlanta. Fans from around the city eagerly anticipate game days, not just for the on-field action, but for the entire vibrant experience. Truist Park, around 10 miles from downtown Atlanta, transforms into a stage for pre-game celebrations and fan-centered activities. Let’s dive into what makes game day at Truist Park unforgettable.

Pre-game Festivities

Arriving early to Truist Park is a ritual for many fans. Streets burst with energy as the area turns into a pre-game hub. Tailgating is a tradition here, with supporters setting up grills and coolers. Bold flavors and lively music unite fans in anticipation. Nearby, The Battery Atlanta offers dining and shopping, while Braves-themed activities add to the excitement.

  • Live band performances
  • Interactive games for all ages
  • Autograph signings by past and present players

Fan Activities Inside The Park

Once inside Truist Park, the fan experience reaches new heights. Every corner of the ballpark offers an activity or sight meant to amaze and entertain. Monuments celebrate Braves’ history, and viewing areas offer perfect vantage points for the game. Families enjoy the kids’ zone, while adults may prefer the Chop House or one of the many craft beer stands.

Monument GardenSection 125A walk through team history with interactive displays
Hope & Will’s SandlotBehind Right FieldKid-friendly attractions, including a zip line and climbing wall
Chop HouseBehind Center FieldMultilevel dining experience with a view of the ballpark

Truist Park is not just about watching baseball; it’s about immersing in a full-blown baseball festival. The stadium’s unique attractions ensure every visitor leaves with cherished memories. Nothing beats the thrill of cheering with thousands of fans as the Braves hit a home run under the bright lights of Truist Park.

Around The Diamond

Welcome to “Around the Diamond,” where we explore the gems beyond the base paths at Truist Park. A short journey from downtown Atlanta, this premier stadium isn’t just about thrilling baseball games. It anchors a vibrant area brimming with attractions, dining, and entertainment options. Just a 20-minute drive separates you from experiencing these local treasures.

Local Attractions Near Truist Park

Truist Park and its surrounding area offer visitors a treasure trove of fun. Nearby, find:

  • The Battery Atlanta, a lively shopping and entertainment district
  • Coca-Cola Roxy, an iconic concert venue
  • Interactive fan experiences at the Braves Hall of Fame
  • Skyline Park for amusement and panoramic views

Dining And Entertainment

Craving a bite or seeking fun after the game? Explore these options:

Upscale steakhousesLive music venues
Sports barsComedy clubs
Trendy bistrosMovie theaters
International cuisineBowling alleys

Whether you’re in the mood for sushi or comedy, Truist Park’s vicinity has it all. The park’s atmosphere transitions smoothly into a vibrant social hub. It provides perfect options for every taste and mood.

Accommodations And Stays

Truist Park, the home field for the Atlanta Braves, beckons sports fans far and wide. Nestled in the vibrant area just outside of Atlanta, it raises a common question: where should one stay when visiting? For those journeying from the heart of Downtown Atlanta, options abound for convenient and comfortable accommodations.

Hotels Between Downtown And Truist Park

Finding the perfect place to rest is easy with hotels dotting the path from Downtown Atlanta to Truist Park. Here, we present a selection of hotels that offer both comfort and easy access to the game:

Hotel NameDistance to Truist ParkAmenities
The Batter’s Box Hotel10 milesFree Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Pool
The Grand Slam Inn12 milesOn-site Dining, Shuttle to Park
Home Run Suites8 milesFitness Center, Business Lounge

Stay Options For Baseball Fans

Baseball enthusiasts rejoice! Tailored accommodation for fans ensures an unforgettable experience. Check out these options:

  • Sports-Themed Hotels: Immerse in baseball culture with hotels featuring memorabilia displays and game-day events.
  • Rental Homes: Groups can opt for a home rental, offering space and privacy close to the field.
  • Bed & Breakfasts: Cozy up in local B&Bs that offer a warm, personal touch to your baseball getaway.

Seasonal And Event Differences

Understanding the ‘Seasonal and Event Differences’ when planning your trip to Truist Park from Downtown Atlanta is vital. Seasons bring various sports and festivities. Events influence travel time. This guide helps you navigate these variations.

Traffic During Baseball Season

Baseball season sees increased traffic to Truist Park. The Atlanta Braves games up the road congestion. Expect delays during game days. Plan extra travel time. Use apps for real-time updates. Consider alternative routes.

  • Check the Braves schedule in advance
  • Aim to arrive early
  • Explore public transportation options

Events Impacting Travel

Concerts and special events also affect travel times. Big events draw large crowds. Roads near Truist Park get busier. Stay informed about upcoming events. Adjust your departure times accordingly.

Event TypeExpected Traffic Increase
Sporting EventsHigh
  • Review local news for traffic alerts
  • Join fan forums for shared travel tips
  • Consider off-site parking and shuttle services


Navigating from downtown Atlanta to Truist Park is a breeze, with just over 10 miles separating the two. Whether you opt for a car, public transport, or a rideshare, the journey is direct and convenient. So for your next Braves game or special event, remember that this iconic venue is practically a stone’s throw from the heart of the city.

Enjoy the trip!

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