Where is Crealy Theme Park?

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Where is Crealy Theme Park

Crealy Theme Park is located in Exeter, Devon, in the United Kingdom. It is a popular family attraction in the South West region.

Nestled in the heart of the Devon countryside, Crealy offers an action-packed day out for all ages, with over 60 rides and attractions. From the thrills of roller coasters and water rides to the engaging indoor play areas and live shows, the park caters to a diverse range of preferences and ages.

With its easy accessibility, just minutes from the M5 and ample parking, Crealy Theme Park is an ideal destination for family fun and adventure. The park also hosts seasonal events, ensuring that each visit can offer something new for guests to experience. Its commitment to safety, entertainment, and visitor satisfaction makes Crealy a standout amusement park in the region.

Crealy Theme Park: A Gateway To Adventure

Crealy Theme Park beckons every thrill-seeker and family. It’s a place brimming with rides, shows, and endless fun. Step into a world where adventure awaits at every corner!

Location And Accessibility

Situated in the heart of Devon, Crealy Theme Park is accessible for adventurers across the UK. Families can easily reach the park by various modes of travel:

  • Car: Just minutes off the M5, with plenty of signage.
  • Bus: Regular services run from Exeter and neighboring towns.
  • Train: Close to Exeter railway station, with taxi services available.

With ample parking and clearly marked routes, your journey to Crealy is hassle-free.

A Brief History Of Fun And Excitement

Crealy Theme Park opened its doors over 30 years ago, promising a day of non-stop enjoyment. The park has since evolved to become Devon’s favorite.

Crealy Theme Park Milestones
1989Grand Opening of Crealy Theme Park.
1997New Rides and Attractions introduced.
2006Crealy celebrates its 1 Millionth Visitor.
2019Launch of the new water rides, making a splash!

The park’s commitment to fun and family has never wavered, with exhilarating rides and attractions added regularly.

Getting To Crealy: Transportation Options

Welcome to the ultimate guide for reaching Crealy Theme Park! Whether you’re driving yourself, taking public transport, or hopping on a shuttle, you’ll find all the necessary information right here. Let’s dive into the convenient transportation options available to ensure a smooth journey to the land of fun and excitement.

By Car: Directions And Parking

Embarking on a road trip to Crealy Theme Park is straightforward. Located in the heart of the Devon countryside, it’s easily accessible from major roads. Here’s a quick guide on how to navigate to Crealy:

  • From Exeter: Take the M5 motorway, exit at Junction 30, and then follow the A3052 to Sidmouth Road.
  • From Plymouth: Use the A38 heading north, then switch to the A30 until the M5, and use the instructions above.

The park boasts ample parking space for visitors:

Parking Information
Car Parking:Free all day
Coach Parking:Designated area, free of charge

Public Transit And Shuttle Services

Prefer not to drive? Public transport makes your trip to Crealy a breeze:

  1. Local Buses: Check local timetables for buses stopping near Crealy.
  2. Trains: The nearest station is Exeter, with frequent connecting bus services.

Shuttle Service: Crealy offers a convenient shuttle service during peak times. Remember to check the schedule beforehand. This hassle-free option provides direct access to the park from select locations.

Nearby Attractions And Accommodations

Crealy Theme Park is a hub of fun and excitement. But the adventure doesn’t stop at the park gates! There are many hotels and attractions close by. If you plan to extend your stay, no worries. You’ll find plenty of spots to rest your head and keep everyone entertained.

Hotels And Resorts Close To The Park

Comfort and convenience are key after a day of thrill-seeking. Check out these nearby hotels:

  • Meadow Inn Hotel – Just 5 minutes from Crealy, with family rooms.
  • Sunrise Guesthouse – A cozy spot, 10 minutes away, with breakfast.
  • Countryside Hotel – Offers a pool and spa, 15 minutes from the park.

All hotels offer free parking and are close to local restaurants.

Other Entertainment In The Area

AttractionDistance from CrealyType of Entertainment
SeaSmiles Aquarium20 minutesMajestic sea creatures and shows
Old Mill Museum15 minutesHistory comes alive
Echo Caves Adventure25 minutesExplore underground wonders

Plus, catch a movie at Parkway Cinema, just a stone’s throw away!

Seasonal Operations And Best Times To Visit

Discover Crealy Theme Park’s seasonal rhythm to plan your ultimate fun experience. Unique events and opening schedules shape the year, providing memories for every season.

Opening Times Throughout The Year

Crealy Theme Park welcomes guests with varied opening times throughout the year. These differ seasonally, so it’s best to catch the current hours before making a trip.

SeasonOpening DaysHours
SpringWeekends10am – 5pm
SummerDaily10am – 6pm
AutumnWeekends + School Holidays10am – 5pm
WinterSelected Dates10am – 4pm

Check the park’s official website for the exact dates and additional holiday opening hours for the best planning.

Special Events And Peak Seasons

The best time to visit Crealy Theme Park varies depending on what you enjoy.

  • Summer brings extended hours and daily excitement.
  • Halloween features spook-tacular fun with themed attractions.
  • Christmas offers festive cheer with special holiday themes.

Peak seasons typically include:

  1. School Holidays
  2. Bank Holiday Weekends
  3. Festive Seasons

Booking in advance for special events or peak times is essential. Choose a visit during off-peak periods for smaller crowds.

Exploring The Park: Zones And Rides

Welcome to Crealy Theme Park, a wonderland of excitement and adventure. Split into different zones, the park offers a diverse range of rides and attractions for all ages. From thrilling coasters to enchanting fairy-tale rides, you’re sure to find the perfect mix of fun! Let’s dive into the zones and spotlight some of the can’t-miss experiences.

Thrills For Young Adventurers

Junior thrill-seekers have a special place at Crealy. With a lineup of rides designed for the daring, the adventure never ends.

  • The Twister: Spin and whoop through the air.
  • Shark Bay: Jump into bumper boats for splashy fun!
  • Dino Jeeps: Drive through a prehistoric landscape.

Rides in this zone ensure smiles and heart-pounding joy for fearless kids ready to conquer their first big rides.

Family-friendly Areas And Rides

Families bond over shared experiences, and Crealy’s family-friendly rides offer memories in the making. Perfect for all, these rides bring joy to both young and old.

  • Safari Express: A gentle train ride through wild landscapes.
  • Enchanted Forest: Stroll through magical pathways.
  • Honey Swing: Swoop like bees on this delightful swing.

Each family ride invites laughter and light-hearted thrills, ideal for creating those picture-perfect moments.

Planning Your Day At Crealy

Crealy Theme Park promises an exciting adventure for families. Located in the heart of Devon, UK, this magical place offers endless fun. From rollercoasters to animals, getting the most out of your day requires a plan. Let’s dive into how you can make your visit unforgettable.

Tickets And Passes

Booking your tickets in advance is key to a smooth start. Crealy offers various ticket options to fit your needs:

    • Single Day Passes: Perfect for a one-time adventure.
    • Annual Passes: Ideal for those who visit multiple times a year.
    • Group Rates: Great savings for parties or large families.

Check online for special deals and seasonal offers before you buy. Always compare prices and benefits to choose the best option.

Maximizing Fun: Tips And Tricks

To enjoy every moment at Crealy, follow these simple tips:

TipHow it Helps
Arrive EarlyYou can ride popular attractions before lines get long.
Use the Park MapFind the shortest routes to your favorite attractions.
Fast Track PassesSkip the queues and save time on busy days.
Check Show TimesPlan to see live shows without missing the fun rides.
Pack SnacksKeep energy up and spend less time in food queues.

Remember to wear comfy shoes, check the weather, and bring a backpack for essentials. With these tips, your day at Crealy will be packed with joy!

Dining Options Inside Crealy

Welcome to the exciting world of Crealy Theme Park, the ultimate family destination for fun and thrills! But, what’s an adventure without some delicious food? You’ll be delighted to know that Crealy offers a multitude of dining options to keep your energy levels high as you explore the park. Let’s dig into the tasty offerings inside Crealy!

Restaurants And Food Stalls

Crealy Theme Park caters to a variety of tastes with its selection of restaurants and food stalls. You won’t need to roam far to find the perfect meal or snack to fuel your day of fun.

  • Buddy Bear’s Kingdom: Dive into a world of magical meals with dishes fit for a king or queen.
  • Pirate’s Fish & Chips: Indulge in a classic British takeaway by the sea with freshly caught fish and crispy chips.
  • Adventurers’ Pizza: Savor the taste of Italy with a slice of stone-baked pizza, topped with your favorite ingredients.
  • Outback Snacks: Enjoy grab-and-go options for a quick bite between rides.

Dietary Accommodations And Picnic Areas

Crealy Theme Park understands that every visitor has unique dietary needs. You’ll find options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets. Look out for signage indicating dietary accommodations at each dining spot.

Dining LocationAvailable Options
Buddy Bear’s KingdomVegetarian, Gluten-Free
Adventurers’ PizzaVegan, Vegetarian
Pirate’s Fish & ChipsGluten-Free Fish & Chips

If a picnic is more your style, pack a basket and enjoy the dedicated picnic areas scattered throughout the park. These spaces provide a peaceful break from the excitement, where families can gather to enjoy their own meals under the sun.

Making Memories Last: Souvenirs And Photography

A visit to Crealy Theme Park is more than just a day of thrills and fun. It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories. One of the best ways to hold onto those joy-filled moments is through the park’s variety of souvenirs and photography options. Whether it’s a cuddly toy or a snapshot of your family on a rollercoaster, these mementos remind you of the fun times long after you’ve left the park.

Gift Shops And Merchandise

Crealy Theme Park boasts an array of gift shops filled with unique merchandise. Each shop offers a treasure trove of goodies that are perfect for remembering your day. Here’s what you can find:

  • Exclusive theme park apparel – Show off your adventure with branded t-shirts and hats.
  • Plush toys – Take home a cuddly friend, inspired by the park’s characters.
  • Collectibles – From mugs to magnets, collect items that speak to your experience.

Photo Services And Keepsakes

Capture the thrill with Crealy’s photo services! As you enjoy the rides, professional cameras snap high-quality pictures of these moments. Read on to find out what you can expect:

  1. Ride photos – Purchase a photo of your expressions mid-ride as a fun keepsake.
  2. Customized frames – Display your memories in special themed frames.
  3. Digital downloads – Access your photos online and share them with friends.


Crealy Theme Park awaits in Devon, promising adventure for the entire family. With thrilling rides and endless fun, it’s a must-visit. Plan your trip and create memories to last a lifetime at this beloved attraction. Don’t miss out – experience Crealy’s magic today!

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