How Much is Parking at Dollywood?

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How Much is Parking at Dollywood

Parking at Dollywood costs $25 for all standard-sized vehicles and $30 for oversized vehicles. These rates apply for a full day of parking.

Nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Dollywood offers more than just rides; it provides an immersive entertainment experience with a taste of Southern culture. With this amusement park being a top destination in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, visitors often seek information on parking options and costs.

Knowing the parking fees upfront helps guests plan their visit more efficiently, ensuring a smoother start to a day filled with adventure. From thrilling roller coasters to live shows and mouthwatering cuisine, Dollywood promises a family-friendly retreat that starts right from its well-organized parking lot, setting the tone for a hassle-free day of fun.

The Costs Of Convenience

Visiting Dollywood promises a day packed with fun, excitement, and memorable experiences. Part of planning your trip involves considering the parking options available. Understanding these costs helps in budgeting and ensures a smooth start to your adventure. Let’s explore the different parking fees you’ll encounter at Dollywood.

Standard Parking Fees At Dollywood

Standard parking at Dollywood offers ease at a fair price. Guests can choose this option, which is a short distance from the entrance. Here’s what to expect for standard parking rates:

  • Cars, motorcycles: $15.00 per day
  • RVs, trailers, larger vehicles: $18.00 to $20.00 per day

Annual passholders enjoy free standard parking, adding value to their Dollywood experience.

Preferred Parking Premiums

Preferred Parking Premiums

Preferred parking brings you closer to the entrance. It means less walking and more time enjoying the park. Preferred parking rates are:

Type of VehiclePreferred Parking Fee
Cars, Motorcycles$25.00 to $30.00 per day
RVs, Trailers$28.00 to $35.00 per day

On busier days, these prime spots go quickly. Plan to arrive early or reserve online to secure a premium parking space.

Seasonal Variations In Parking Prices

Understanding the seasonal variations in parking prices at Dollywood is crucial. Prices can change depending on the time of the year. This ensures you plan your trip well. Let’s dive into how these fluctuations might affect your visit.

Peak Vs. Off-peak Times

Just like the thrills of its roller coasters, parking prices at Dollywood can fluctuate. Peak times typically coincide with school holidays and summer months. This is when the park sees the highest number of visitors. During these times, parking fees may be higher to accommodate increased demand. Off-peak times, such as after the summer or between holidays, can offer lower parking rates. This is a bonus for those looking to save a bit while enjoying the park’s charm during quieter times.

Special Event Parking Rates

Dollywood hosts a variety of special events throughout the year. These can range from seasonal festivals to exclusive concerts. During these events, parking rates may see an increase. It’s a reflection of the premium experience these events offer. Always check the park’s calendar when planning your visit. This is to ensure you’re aware of any special event parking rates that might apply.

Annual Pass Holder Perks

Visiting Dollywood is always exciting! Annual Pass holders enjoy special benefits. Let’s explore the parking perks that make your trips even better!

Parking Benefits For Dollywood Insiders

Annual Passes offer more than just entry. They include parking advantages that save time and money. Here’s what insiders love:

  • Discounted Parking: Regular pass holders enjoy 50% off the standard parking fee.
  • Priority Parking: Special areas are reserved for pass holders, making park access quicker.

Gold Pass: The Key To Free Parking

A Gold Pass turns good to great. This pass not only offers unlimited Dollywood visits but also:

  • Free parking for the entire season.
  • Close-proximity parking spots.

Gold Pass holders wave goodbye to parking fees, adding more sparkle to their Dollywood experience!

Accessible Parking Availability

Accessible Parking Availability is a crucial detail for visitors to Dollywood, ensuring that all guests, including those with disabilities, have a seamless and enjoyable experience. Dollywood is committed to providing convenient parking options for guests with special needs.

Spaces For Guests With Disabilities

Dollywood prides itself on catering to the needs of all guests. Parking spaces for guests with disabilities are available near the main entrance. These spots are designated for vehicles displaying a valid disability parking placard or license plate. Guests can find ample room for both cars and vans, making accessibility a breeze.

Complimentary Services For Accessibility

To enhance the Dollywood experience for guests with disabilities, complimentary services are offered. This includes:

  • Shuttle service from parking lot to the entrance
  • Wheelchair rental availability for a convenient visit
  • Assistance from friendly park staff if needed

All services aim to provide an inclusive, fun day for every guest at Dollywood.

Ride And Park: The Trolley System

Dollywood promises a world of fun for its visitors. Yet before the adventure begins, parking is a common concern. With the Trolley System, guests can leave their cars in a distant lot. They can then catch a ride straight to the park’s entrance.

Connecting From Pigeon Forge

Commute from Pigeon Forge to Dollywood without stress.

  • This service operates daily.
  • Park your car in Pigeon Forge for free.
  • Board the trolley for a small fee.
  • Reach Dollywood comfortably.

Trolley Routes And Parking Economy

Trolley Routes simplify your journey. Economical parking and routes:

Route NameStarting PointCostFrequency
DollywoodPatriot Park$2.50 per personEvery 15 minutes
Dollywood’s Splash CountryPatriot Park$2.50 per personEvery 15 minutes

Remember, children 3 years and under ride for free! Wise use of the Trolley means more money for fun at Dollywood.

Parking For Rvs And Oversized Vehicles

Welcome to our detailed guide on Dollywood Parking for RVs and Oversized Vehicles. Planning a trip to Dollywood with your RV or oversized vehicle? You will find essential parking information right here. Let’s dive into the specifics of parking fees and the accommodations that Dollywood offers for larger vehicles.

Fees And Special Accommodations

Dollywood appreciates that RVs and oversized vehicles require more space. The park offers special parking lots to accommodate them. Here are the fee details:

  • Oversized Vehicle Parking Fee: Expect to pay slightly more than standard vehicles.
  • RVs: Designated parking ensures your RV is securely parked.

These parking spots are closer to the entrance for easy access. Guests with RVs also enjoy complimentary shuttle services.

Overnight Parking Options

Planning to stay overnight? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Dollywood does not offer overnight parking in their standard lots.
  2. Nearby campgrounds provide spaces for RVs, with hookups for electricity and water.

Guests can choose from several camping options located close to the park. This convenience ensures your adventure doesn’t end when the park closes. Make sure to book in advance to secure your spot!

Money-saving Tips On Parking

Finding a spot for your car at Dollywood doesn’t have to bust your budget. Smart choices can cut costs, leaving more cash for fun inside the park. Keep reading for tips that make parking more wallet-friendly.

Carpooling And Discounts

Share the ride, share the savings. Coming to Dollywood in one vehicle slashes parking fees. More friends equals fewer cars, and that means less money on parking for everyone. Check out these ideas:

  • Team up with family or friends for a group trip.
  • Search for Dollywood parking discounts online.
  • Annual Passholders get free parking – consider investing in one.

Local Alternatives To On-site Parking

There are spots near Dollywood where you can leave your car. These alternatives could be free or cheaper. Think about these options:

  • Park in a nearby public lot and enjoy a stroll.
  • Use local shuttle services that offer transportation to the park.
  • Hotels often provide guests with free shuttle service.
  • Compare the costs between on-site and local parking to choose the best and most cost-effective option.

Navigating Dollywood Like A Pro

Visiting Dollywood sparks excitement for the whole family. Before diving into the park’s adventures, consider the parking logistics. Master the art of navigating Dollywood with ease. Gain insight on parking locations and entry tips!

Map Of Parking Areas

Start by exploring the Dollywood parking map. Detailed maps are available online and at park entrances. Identify your parking spot with ease. The park offers various sections, including:

  • Preferred Parking: Closer to the entrance, higher fee.
  • Standard Parking: Large area, routine fee.
  • Accessible Parking: For guests with disabilities.
  • RV Parking: Designated for larger vehicles.

Remember the parking section and row number. It will speed up your day’s end departure.

Time-saving Strategies For Park Entry

Efficient park entry starts with plan ahead. Here’s how:

  1. Arrive early to avoid long lines.
  2. Have tickets or passes ready before reaching the gate.
  3. Use the Dollywood app for real-time updates on park entry.

Consider the Park & Ride service. It offers a complimentary shuttle from exterior parking lots. Shuttles start one hour before the park opens. They continue until the park closes. This saves time and energy. By keeping these pointers in mind, your Dollywood visit will be both memorable and efficient. Enjoy more time on your favorite rides and attractions.


Wrapping up, Dollywood’s parking fees vary, so budget accordingly. Remember, season passholders enjoy benefits, including parking perks. Plan your visit, explore parking options, and enjoy a day filled with fun and entertainment. For any parking updates, keep an eye on Dollywood’s official site before your trip.

Happy adventuring at Dollywood!

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