How Much is Parking at Kauffman Stadium?

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How Much is Parking at Kauffman Stadium

Parking at Kauffman Stadium costs $20 per car and $30 for oversized vehicles. This fee applies to all home games.

Exploring the home of the Kansas City Royals, Kauffman Stadium offers fans an excellent baseball experience. Before heading to the ballpark, it’s essential to know about parking fees to plan your visit accordingly. Kauffman Stadium boasts a convenient parking system, with rates set for standard and oversized vehicles.

With ample spots available, fans can enjoy the ease of on-site parking. Remember, these fees are for a single game day, giving you access to the stadium’s parking facilities. Tailgating traditions run deep here, and your parking spot doubles as your pre-game celebration area. Keep in mind that these costs might fluctuate for postseason games or special events. Always check the latest information before game day to ensure a smooth experience.

Parking At Kauffman Stadium: The Basic Facts

Are you heading to a Royals game? Knowing where to park is key for a smooth experience. Let’s dive into the basic facts about parking at Kauffman Stadium.

Location And Capacity

Kauffman Stadium stands proudly in Kansas City, Missouri. The parking space is vast, ensuring ample spots for fans.

  • Multiple parking lots surround the stadium.
  • Parking lots open three hours before the game.
  • The stadium boasts enough room for thousands of vehicles.

Official Parking Options

The stadium offers various official parking options. Prices vary based on the event and parking proximity.

Lot NamePricePayment Method
General Parking$15 – $20Card and Cash
Premium Parking$25 – $30Card Only

Advanced purchase online can save time and money. Season ticket holders enjoy reserved spots.

Pre-game Planning: Cost Considerations

Excited for game day at Kauffman Stadium? Knowing your parking options and costs upfront will help you enjoy the event stress-free. This essential guide covers everything from standard rates to exclusive discounts. Let’s dive into the details and prepare for some Kansas City Royals action!

Standard Pricing Tiers

As you count down the days to the first pitch, take a moment to review the parking fees. Kauffman Stadium offers several parking tiers:

Parking LotPrice

Note: Prices may vary based on the event. Arriving early often secures the best spots!

Season Passes And Discounts

Season ticket members enjoy special parking perks. Consider these options for great savings:

  • Full Season Parking: Significant discount for all home games
  • Half Season Parking: A cost-friendly choice for regular attendees
  • Quarter Season Parking: Ideal for fans visiting a few games

Remember to check online for early bird specials and group discounts. Plan smart, save big, and cheer louder!

Exploring The Alternatives: Off-site Parking

Heading to Kauffman Stadium for game day? Parking on-site might be convenient but can hit your wallet hard. Looking for cheaper alternatives makes sense. Let’s dig into off-site options that keep your budget in check and your spirits high.

Nearby Off-site Lots

Private lots pop up on game days. These are often within walking distance. Some might offer shuttle services to the stadium. Prices vary, so looking for deals is smart. Here are some off-site lots to consider:

  • Lot A – $15, includes shuttle service, 10-minute ride
  • Lot B – $10, 15-minute walk to stadium
  • Lot C – $12, tailgating allowed, 5-minute shuttle

Residential And Street Parking

Scour the neighborhood streets for a lucky free spot. Be sure to check signs for restrictions. Never block driveways and respect local laws. Here are tips for residential and street parking:

  1. Arrive early to snag the best spots
  2. Look for streets without parking meters
  3. Use parking apps to find available spaces

Always plan your parking strategy ahead. It saves time and stress. Enjoy the game and your extra savings!

Navigating Game Day: Arrival And Payment

Excitement builds as you plan your outing to Kauffman Stadium. Knowing the details of parking can make your game day smooth and enjoyable. Let’s break down the best arrival times and payment methods for parking, so you can focus on cheering for your favorite team!

Best Times To Arrive

Beating the rush is key to a stress-free start to your game day. Aim for these times:

  • Weekday games: Arrive 2 hours early.
  • Weekend games: Lots open 3 hours before.
  • Pregame activities? Be there when gates open.

Tip: Gates open 1.5 hours before game time. Early birds get good spots and time for pregame fun.

Payment Methods Accepted

Convenience at Kauffman Stadium extends to how you pay for parking. Look at the options:

  • Cash: Traditional and quick.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: Fast and secure.
  • Prepaid parking passes: Buy online, scan at entry.

Remember: Have your payment ready to speed up the process.

Tailgating Policies: Enhancing The Experience

Kauffman Stadium buzzes with energy even before the first pitch. Parking lots fill up with Royals fans eager to celebrate with friends and family. Tailgating at the stadium turns a regular game day into an unforgettable experience. Understanding the tailgating policies is key to a smooth and fun-filled outing.

Regulations And Locations

Tailgating is allowed at Kauffman Stadium’s parking lots. The lots open three and a half hours before the game. Certain rules ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment:

  • Use only one parking spot for your vehicle.
  • Keep grills and coolers in front of or behind your car.
  • Dispose of charcoal properly in designated bins.
  • Follow stadium staff directions at all times.

Alcohol consumption is permitted but remember to drink responsibly.

Tailgating Pro Tips

For a winning tailgate, a little planning goes a long way:

  1. Arrive early to claim a prime spot.
  2. Prepare food ahead to maximize social time.
  3. Pack games for entertainment.
  4. Bring a pop-up tent for shade.

Don’t forget cleaning supplies for a quick cleanup. Respect fellow fans and the environment.

Accessibility And Special Needs Parking

Visiting Kauffman Stadium should be a breeze, even if you need special parking. The stadium ensures that guests with disabilities have convenient parking options. Below we delve into these options, to help you prepare for game day or any event at the stadium.

Designated Parking Areas

Kauffman Stadium offers designated parking areas for guests with disabilities. These areas are closest to the stadium entrances. They make access to seats as easy as possible. Fans with state-issued disabled parking permits or license plates can use these spaces. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Display a valid disabled parking placard or license plate.
  • Parking attendants direct you to the appropriate area.

Pre-arrangements And Services

If you or someone you are with has special parking needs, consider making pre-arrangements. Contact the Kauffman Stadium guest services in advance. They can answer questions and arrange for any needed services. Here are the services offered:

  • Pre-arranged parking spaces can be reserved for ease.
  • Shuttle services are available from parking to the gates.
  • Drop-off areas allow you to get closer to the entrance before parking.

To ensure your visit is smooth and enjoyable, reach out to guest services early. This helps the stadium staff prepare to meet your needs.

Post-game Traffic: Exiting Strategy

You’ve enjoyed the game, but now it’s time to consider your escape plan from Kauffman Stadium parking. Successfully navigating the post-game traffic can be as strategic as the game itself. Formulating an exit strategy ensures a smoother departure, allowing you to reflect on the day’s excitement rather than getting bogged down in a traffic jam.

Effective Exit Routes

Knowing the layout of the stadium and the surrounding streets is key. Kauffman Stadium offers several parking gates, but choosing the right one for a quick getaway requires a little insider knowledge. Below is a breakdown of effective exit routes tailored for different parking lots:

Parking LotExit GateDestination
Lot AGate 6Interstate 70 East
Lot BGate 5Interstate 435 North
Lot CGate 4Blue Ridge Cutoff South

Tips To Avoid Post-game Congestion

Minimizing the wait time to leave Kauffman Stadium’s parking areas isn’t just about the route; it’s also about timing and planning. Here are quick tips to beat the congestion:

  • Leave early or linger late to avoid peak traffic.
  • Park towards the end of a row near an exit.
  • Keep a parking map in your car or on your phone.
  • Follow the directions of parking attendants; they know the flow.
  • Use a traffic app to stay informed about live traffic conditions.

Additional Services And Amenities

When you head to a game at Kauffman Stadium, there’s more than just baseball to enjoy. Fans get a full experience with handy perks and services. These amenities make game day stress-free and fun. Let’s dive into some aspects you might not know about.

Security And Assistance

Your safety comes first at Kauffman Stadium. Bold security teams are on patrol. They ensure everyone enjoys the game without worry. Need help? Look for the Guest Services. They wear bright uniforms. They’re ready to assist with:

  • Lost and Found – Quickly retrieve lost items
  • Vehicle Assistance – Free help if your car won’t start
  • Escorts – A safe walk to your car if needed

Ev Charging Stations

Drive an electric car? Kauffman Stadium has got you covered. Convenient charging stations are available. They’re easy to find. Look for signs in the parking lot. Here’s what electric car drivers should know:

Number of StationsSeveral – Placed around the stadium
CostFree – No extra charge to use
Type of ChargersUniversal – Fits most EV models

Spaces with EV chargers are first-come, first-serve. Plan to arrive early to snag one.


Understanding Kauffman Stadium parking fees is key for game day planning. Costs vary, so budget ahead and enjoy the match without worry. For the latest information and tips, visit the official Royals website. Remember, pre-booking can save time and money.

Cheer on the Royals without parking hassles!

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