How Much is Parking at San Pedro Cruise Terminal?

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How Much is Parking at San Pedro Cruise Terminal

Parking at San Pedro Cruise Terminal costs $19 per day. Prices are subject to change, so verify with the terminal before your visit.

Embarking on a cruise from the San Pedro Cruise Terminal sets the stage for an unforgettable maritime adventure. Conveniently located, the terminal offers ample parking facilities for travelers. The daily flat rate ensures that passengers can park their vehicles with ease, knowing the cost upfront.

Ideal for those taking a trip on the high seas, the parking services provided are a mere stone’s throw from your departure point. As parking is always a concern when planning your journey, the straightforward pricing and proximity to the cruise ships makes the San Pedro Cruise Terminal’s parking lot a hassle-free element in your travel itinerary. Remember to check for the latest parking fees and availability before you set sail, ensuring a smooth start to your vacation.

Introduction To San Pedro Cruise Terminal

Welcome to the San Pedro Cruise Terminal, a gateway to an unforgettable sea voyage. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles Harbor, this terminal serves as a bustling starting point for passengers embarking on cruise adventures.

 Location And Significance

San Pedro Cruise Terminal, officially known as the Port of Los Angeles World Cruise Center, stands out for its strategic location. Here’s why:

  • Easy access to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
  • Close proximity to famous LA attractions.
  • Acts as a hub for major cruise lines.

This terminal is not just a starting point but also a significant landmark in the bustling city of Los Angeles.

Parking Necessities For Cruise Passengers

Knowing parking details is crucial for a stress-free cruise experience. Let’s explore:

Parking OptionDurationRate
On-site ParkingDailyCompetitive rates
Off-site ParkingVariesLower costs

Choose on-site parking for convenience or off-site options to save money. Remember to check availability and book in advance for peace of mind.

Parking Options At San Pedro Cruise Terminal

Exploring parking options at San Pedro Cruise Terminal is key for a smooth beginning to a sea adventure. Whether you’re departing on a long-awaited cruise or picking up family, understanding the parking setup is essential. Let’s dive into the convenient and practical parking solutions available.

On-site Parking Facilities

On-site parking at San Pedro Cruise Terminal offers direct access to your cruise ship. The terminal provides both covered and outdoor parking spaces. Guests can choose from several parking options:

  • Short-term parking: Ideal for drop-offs or pick-ups.
  • Long-term parking: Secure for the duration of your cruise.
  • Accessible parking: Designated spaces for those with disabilities.
  • VIP parking: Closer to the terminal for convenience.
  • Electric vehicle charging: Limited stations available.

On-site parking rates can vary. Choose the option best suited to your trip.

Nearby Off-site Parking Alternatives

Consider off-site parking alternatives near San Pedro Cruise Terminal. Offering competitive rates, these facilities often provide

  • Free shuttle service
  • Surveillance and security
  • Online reservations
Off-site ParkingDistanceRate
Parking Lot A1.0 mileFrom $10/day
Parking Lot B1.5 milesFrom $9/day
Parking Lot C2 milesFrom $8/day

Each off-site option has unique benefits. Compare and book in advance to secure your spot.

Rates For Parking

Setting sail from the San Pedro Cruise Terminal means planning where to park your car. Different rates apply depending on your vehicle size. Below, find the details to park confidently, whether you drive a compact car or a large RV.

Standard Parking Fees

For most cars, the San Pedro Cruise Terminal offers convenient parking. Check out the rates:

  • Daily Rate: $19
  • Weekly Rate: $133

Note: These rates apply per space used.

Oversized Vehicle Parking Charges

Got a bigger vehicle? Here’s what you need to know:

Type of VehicleDaily Rate
Trucks with Trailer$38

All oversized vehicles must pay for the number of spots they fill.

Payment Methods

Embarking on a cruise from San Pedro Cruise Terminal soon? Great! But first, let’s talk about how to handle parking payments. Knowing your options can make the start of your sea adventure smooth and worry-free.

Accepted Payment Types

At San Pedro Cruise Terminal, convenience is key. You can use several payment methods to cover parking charges:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are welcomed.
  • Debit Cards: With the logo of a major credit card company, no problem!
  • Cash: Exact amounts speed up the process, so keep that in mind.

Be sure to have your chosen payment method ready to ensure a quick and easy transaction.

Pre-payment And Reservation Options

Want to secure your spot before arrival? San Pedro Cruise Terminal has you covered with pre-payment and reservation options.

Reservation ServiceBenefits
Online Pre-Payment System
  • Guaranteed parking space
  • Reduced wait times on arrival
Phone Reservations
  • Personalized service
  • Immediate booking confirmation

These options are not just convenient but also give peace of mind. Simply visit the terminal’s official website or call their customer service to book your spot.

Duration Of Parking

Parking at the San Pedro Cruise Terminal varies in cost. It all depends on how long your vehicle stays. Knowing about short-term and long-term parking options is key. Flexibility with your travel plans can save money too. Let’s explore the differences and benefits of each parking type.

Short-term Vs. Long-term Parking

Choose between two types of parking: short-term or long-term. Each serves a different need.

Parking TypeDurationCost Estimate
Short-term ParkingA few hours to a dayLower rates
Long-term ParkingSeveral daysSet fee for longer periods

Short parking is practical for quick drop-offs or pickups. Long-term parking is a better option for longer cruises.

Maintaining Flexibility In Travel Plans

Plans can change. Flexibility can save stress and money.

  • Pick a parking lot with refund policies.
  • Check for any cruise delays.
  • Consider parking bundles with hotels.

A little planning ahead keeps your wallet happy. Stay informed on parking lot policies.

Discounts And Deals

Finding affordable parking at the San Pedro Cruise Terminal has never been easier. With a variety of discounts and deals available, you can save money before setting sail. Let’s explore the possibilities for pocket-friendly parking options.

Available Discounts For Parking

Early birds get the best deals. If you book your parking spot in advance, discounts may await. Cruise passengers can often snag a lower rate by simply planning ahead. Occasionally, the terminal may offer special promotional codes. These can lead to significant savings. Keep an eye out during peak cruising seasons for these offers.

  • Advanced booking offers
  • Seasonal promotion codes

Membership And Loyalty Program Perks

Memberships can unlock a world of benefits. If you cruise frequently, join a loyalty program. Doing so may grant access to exclusive parking discounts. Sometimes, cruise lines partner with parking facilities. They then offer reduced rates to their loyal customers. Also, some credit cards provide travel rewards. These can include discounted rates at various parking venues, including those at the San Pedro Cruise Terminal.

Cruise Line Loyalty ProgramsDiscounted parking rates
Travel Credit CardsReduced rates on parking

Remember to check for eligibility and terms. Each program has specific requirements for redeeming parking benefits.

Accessibility And Security

Finding parking at San Pedro Cruise Terminal need not be a stressor. The terminal’s accessibility and security are top-notch, ensuring a smooth beginning to your sea adventure. Here’s a look at the facilities and safety measures you can expect.

Facilities For Disabled Passengers

The San Pedro Cruise Terminal is dedicated to providing easy access for all travelers. Features include:

  • Designated parking spots close to terminal entrances.
  • Ramps and automatic doors for seamless movement.
  • Elevators and accessible restrooms within the facility.
  • Complimentary shuttle service equipped with wheelchair lifts.

Safety Measures And Surveillance

Your safety is paramount at the cruise terminal. Here’s the array of protections in place:

  • 24/7 surveillance cameras monitoring the parking lot and terminal.
  • Regular security patrols to ensure guest safety.
  • Well-lit parking areas reducing risks and enhancing visibility.
  • Emergency call stations for immediate assistance.

Additional Services

Finding a spot to park at the San Pedro Cruise Terminal is easy. But did you know about the extra perks that come with parking here? Let’s talk about shuttle services and exclusive parking options that will make your cruise experience even better.

Shuttle Services To And From The Terminal

Getting to your cruise ship should be stress-free. That’s why shuttle services are available. Once you park your car, a free shuttle will take you straight to the terminal. It’s quick and convenient.

  • Regular Shuttles: Quick rides run all day.
  • Handicap Accessible: Everyone has access.

Valet Parking And Car Wash Options

Start your trip with ease. Opt for valet parking. Just pull up to the terminal entrance, hand over your keys, and you’re off to your adventure. Your car stays safe and secure until you’re back.

Valet Parking$30 per day
Car Wash (Basic)$20
Car Wash (Deluxe)$40

Your car can get pampered too! A car wash service is available while you’re cruising. Choose a basic wipe-down or a deluxe package for a sparkling clean return.

Planning And Tips

Efficient planning sets the stage for a seamless start to your maritime adventure from the San Pedro Cruise Terminal. It’s all about timely arrivals and smart parking strategies. Here’s how to make sure your vehicle is tucked away without a hitch, so your focus stays on the excitement ahead.

Best Times To Arrive For Parking

The key to stress-free parking lies in timing. Consider these guidelines:

  • Arrive early, preferably before peak hours.
  • Weekends tend to be busier aim for weekdays if possible.
  • Check your cruise schedule and plan to arrive several hours in advance.

By targeting off-peak times, you’ll find a spot with ease and start your cruise relaxed.

Common Questions And Troubleshooting

Let’s address some typical parking queries and solutions:

What if the parking lot is full?Head to overflow areas indicated by terminal staff.
Is there room for RVs and oversized vehicles?Special spots are available; inform staff ahead of time.
What about accessible parking?Designated spaces are provided near the terminal entrance.

Prepare a parking plan B and remember, terminal staff are there to help!


Wrapping up, the cost of parking at San Pedro Cruise Terminal varies. It’s smart to budget in advance for this expense. Remember to check for updates and discounts on the official terminal website. Safe travels and smooth sailing as you embark on your ocean adventure!

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