How Far is Cannon Beach from Astoria?

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How Far is Cannon Beach from Astoria

Cannon Beach is approximately 25 miles south of Astoria. This journey typically takes about 30 minutes by car.

Nestled along the scenic Oregon coastline, Cannon Beach is renowned for its expansive, sandy shores and striking natural landmarks like the iconic Haystack Rock. This charming coastal town offers visitors a perfect blend of natural beauty, artistry, and recreation. With a picturesque backdrop for beachcombing, surfing, and hiking, Cannon Beach serves as an ideal escape for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.

Its proximity to Astoria makes it an accessible destination for a day trip or a starting point for exploring the splendors of the Oregon coast. Whether you’re capturing the sunset over the Pacific or strolling through art galleries, Cannon Beach promises a memorable experience.

Cannon Beach And Astoria: A Northwest Adventure

Embark on a journey to explore two of Oregon’s most picturesque locations: Cannon Beach and Astoria. This Northwest adventure promises to be a memorable experience. Set against a backdrop of stunning coastal beauty, these towns offer a perfect blend of nature and history.

Introducing The Pacific Northwest Gems

Cannon Beach and Astoria shine as true gems in the Pacific Northwest. Nestled along the Oregon Coast, these towns boast unique charms. Cannon Beach, known for its iconic Haystack Rock, lures visitors with its sandy shores and art galleries. Astoria, steeped in history, showcases Victorian homes and the legacy of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Together, they provide a dual experience of natural splendor and rich heritage.

Setting The Scene: Coastal Wonders

Picture this: vast beaches, soaring sea stacks, and the salty ocean breeze. Cannon Beach offers a haven for relaxation and exploration. Travel a few miles north, and Astoria greets you with lush greenery and historic museums. Visitors can revel in the mix of spectacular coastal views and cultural landmarks. Every turn is a picture waiting to happen, every moment an adventure in the making.

Quick Glimpse: Distance and Activities
Cannon BeachAstoria
Haystack Rock ViewsColumbia River Maritime Museum
Art GalleriesHistorical Sites
Beach ExplorationAstoria Column Panorama

With just about 20 miles separating Cannon Beach from Astoria, visitors easily plan a day trip or a weekend getaway. Whether you drive along the scenic routes or opt for a bike ride, the journey itself is part of the adventure.

  • Distance: Approximately 20 miles
  • Travel Time: Around 30 minutes by car
  • Attractions: Beaches, museums, art, history
  • Activities: Hiking, photography, sightseeing, shopping

Mapping The Route

Mapping the Route from Astoria to Cannon Beach is an adventure along the scenic Oregon coast. This stretch is a visual masterpiece, connecting two jewels of the Pacific Northwest. Let’s explore the path that links the historic charm of Astoria to the picturesque sands of Cannon Beach.

Geographical Proximity

Astoria and Cannon Beach beckon to visitors with their distinct coastal allure. These neighbors lie within Oregon’s Clatsop County and boast proximity that makes traveling a breeze. As the crow flies, the distance is shorter, but let’s chart the course for the road traveler.

Navigating From Astoria To Cannon Beach

The journey unfolds over approximately 25 miles of coastal roadway. The route invites travelers to immerse in nature’s beauty, with the Pacific Ocean as a constant companion to the west. Detailed directions make the drive simple and enjoyable.

  1. Start on US-101 S from Astoria, a road steeped in history and views.
  2. Continue south, where dense forests provide a verdant backdrop to the shimmering ocean.
  3. Seaside is a quaint stopover, perfect for stretching legs and sipping local brews.
  4. After Seaside, maintain course on US-101 S towards Cannon Beach.
  5. The majestic Haystack Rock soon greets you, signaling your arrival.

Travel time averages 30 minutes, weather and traffic permitting. Chart your course and set sail for a memorable coastal voyage from Astoria to Cannon Beach!

Traveling By Car

For those ready to hit the road, traveling by car from Astoria to Cannon Beach offers an unforgettable journey. A scenic drive awaits, with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop. Gear up for a trip filled with coastal charms and breezy sea air.

Highway 101: The Scenic Path

As you leave Astoria, Highway 101 becomes your guide. This iconic highway threads along the coast. It offers stunning views of Oregon’s natural beauty. Prepare to cruise past panoramic ocean vistas, lush rainforests, and quaint seaside towns.

  • Enchanting Views: Expansive seascapes at every turn.
  • Landmark Stops: Snap photos at historic landmarks.
  • Rest Areas: Take breaks at picturesque viewpoints.

Driving Time And Distance Considerations

Distance is key when planning your car trip. Cannon Beach lies about 25 miles south of Astoria. You can expect roughly a 30-minute drive. This depends on traffic and driving conditions. Check your route before departure.

DepartureDestinationDistance (miles)Driving Time (approx.)
AstoriaCannon Beach2530 minutes

Remember these tips for a smooth drive:

  1. Check the car’s fuel level and tire pressure.
  2. Plan your rest stops and meal breaks.
  3. Bring a map or GPS for easy navigation.

Public Transportation Options

A memorable trip from Astoria to Cannon Beach awaits! With a mere 25 miles apart, these coastal gems are easily connected. Yet, how does one travel without a car? Let’s explore the transit offerings.

Bus Services Connecting The Towns

Opting for the bus equates to an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly journey. Sunset Empire Transportation District offers a direct route. The Route 20 bus connects Seaside and Cannon Beach, starting from Astoria. Regular schedules make planning straightforward.

AstoriaCannon BeachSeveral times daily

Alternative Transit Solutions

Searching for more personal travel options? Shuttle services may be the answer. Secure a spot on a shuttle van for a comfortable ride.

  • Advanced booking ensures availability
  • Hotel drop-off can be arranged

For those seeking flexibility, ridesharing apps operate here. Link with local drivers for a quick and easy trip.

Cycling To Cannon Beach

Imagine pedaling along a scenic coastal road, with the ocean breeze in your hair and the promise of sandy shores ahead. For many, cycling from Astoria to Cannon Beach offers just that—an adventure infused with natural beauty and the charm of the Oregon Coast. This journey treats cyclists to a vibrant blend of seaside villages, lush forests, and panoramic ocean views. Let’s dive into what makes this route a delightful experience for bike enthusiasts.

Bike-friendly Roads And Paths

Oregon boasts a reputation for being cycle-friendly, and the path to Cannon Beach is no exception. Travelers will find dedicated bike lanes and well-maintained paths that make the journey more accessible and enjoyable. Here are key features of the bike route:

  • Separated bike paths ensure a safe distance from vehicular traffic.
  • Signage along the route provides clear direction and information.
  • Riders can enjoy rest areas with stunning vistas and facilities.

Estimated Cycling Time

The distance between Astoria and Cannon Beach is roughly 24 miles (38.6 kilometers). Your cycling time can vary based on several factors.

Experience LevelEstimated Time
BeginnerAbout 3 hours
Intermediate2 – 2.5 hours
Experienced1.5 – 2 hours

The route’s terrain is a mix of flats and gentle inclines, influencing your ride time. Remember, a leisurely pace allows for savoring the coastal charm, while a brisk ride challenges your stamina. Whatever your style, the journey to Cannon Beach on two wheels is an enchanting experience not to be missed.

Exploring The Coastal Treasures

Exploring the Coastal Treasures unveils two jewels nestled along the scenic Oregon coastline: Astoria and Cannon Beach. This region teems with history, culture, and breathtaking views, drawing travelers who seek both adventure and tranquility. Let’s delve into the enchanting proximity of these two locations and what each has to offer.

Astoria’s Historical Allure

Astoria beckons with its rich past and vibrant culture. Wander through museum exhibits, gaze at Victorian-era architecture, or stroll by the majestic Columbia River. Notable sites include:

  • The Astoria Column, offering panoramic views from its hilltop perch
  • The Maritime Museum, showcasing the region’s seafaring legacy
  • Heritage sites like the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

Cannon Beach’s Iconic Landscapes

Drive south from Astoria, and Cannon Beach reveals itself with its stunning seascapes. This coastal sanctuary is known for:

  • Haystack Rock, an awe-inspiring sea stack
  • Echo-friendly tide pools, teeming with marine life
  • Quaint galleries and shops, perfect for browsing and finding unique treasures

Outdoor enthusiasts will thrive among the hiking trails and expansive beaches here. Embarking on a journey from Astoria to Cannon Beach, visitors cover about 25 miles of scenic routes. Via U.S. Route 101, this drive can take approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic and weather conditions. Every turn offers a chance to discover more of the Oregon coastline’s splendor.

LocationDistanceTravel Time
Astoria25 miles30-40 minutes

Accommodations And Pit Stops

Embarking on a road trip from Astoria to Cannon Beach offers much more than just breathtaking views. Along the scenic 26-mile stretch, travelers find a variety of charming accommodations and delightful pit stops. Whether looking for a cozy bed and breakfast or a tasty meal to fuel the journey, this route delivers an abundance of options.

Best Places To Stay

After a fun day of exploring, a comfortable place to stay is a must. Here’s a list of the best stops for rest:

  • The Oceanfront Inn – Wake up to the sound of waves.
  • Seaside Lodge – Cozy up by the fire after a beach stroll.
  • Forest View Cabins – Connect with nature in a rustic setting.

Local Eateries On The Route

No road trip is complete without tasty local cuisine. Here are top picks for delightful bites:

Bayfront BakeryDelectable pastries and fresh coffee.
Harbor GrillFamous for their fish and chips.
Seacliff DinerHome-style meals with ocean views.

Seasonal Considerations

Traveling from Astoria to Cannon Beach varies with the seasons. Each season brings unique beauty and challenges. Knowing the best times for your trip and how weather impacts travel ensures a smooth journey. Plan with these insights for an unforgettable experience along the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Best Times For The Trip

Let’s talk about when to pack your bags! Summer and early fall offer the warmest weather. These months promise sunny days perfect for beach activities. Expect a lively atmosphere, as these are popular times for tourists. Prefer quiet beaches? Aim for late spring or late fall. You can enjoy mild weather and fewer crowds. Wildlife sightings are common, adding a special touch to your travels.

  • Summer (June-August): Warm; ideal for beach outings.
  • Fall (September-October): Pleasant; fewer tourists.
  • Spring (April-May): Gentle; increasing daylight.
  • Winter (November-March): Cold; possible storms.

Weather Impact On Travel

Weather plays a significant part in getting from Astoria to Cannon Beach. The road conditions vary greatly throughout the year.

SeasonRoad Conditions
WinterPotential snow and ice
SpringOccasional rain showers
SummerClear and dry, best condition
FallFoggy mornings, clear afternoons

Summer and fall provide the best driving conditions. Roads are generally clear and you can expect easy, scenic drives. In spring or winter, prepare for rain or storms packing extra safety gear. An Oregon winter demands caution with possible snow and ice. If traveling during colder months, check road conditions frequently. Be ready for winter driving and allow extra travel time.

Local Insights

Embarking on the scenic trip from Astoria to Cannon Beach, the rich tapestry of the Oregon coast unfolds with local charm. This journey is not just about the destination but also the experiences along the way. From the mouth of the Columbia River to the sandy shores of Cannon Beach, every mile has a story, often best told by those who know it intimately – the residents.

Tips From The Residents

  • Check the weather: Coastal conditions can change quickly.
  • Avoid rush hours: Locals suggest traveling mid-morning or late afternoon.
  • Scenic viewpoints: Don’t miss the pull-outs for breathtaking views.
  • Park wisely: Opt for public parking to avoid fines.

Locals advocate for taking your time. The coastline beckons for appreciation, not haste. They also recommend packing layers as the coastal weather is pleasantly unpredictable. Engage with local shop owners and you might just uncover the secret spots only locals know about.

Must-visit Spots Along The Way

  1. Fort Stevens State Park: Explore a piece of history with the family.
  2. Lewis and Clark National Historic Park: A trip back in time to the famous expedition.
  3. Ecola State Park: Experience mesmerizing vistas and lush forest trails.

Between Astoria and Cannon Beach, must-visit spots pepper the route, enticing travelers to create unforgettable memories. The journey takes you through a landscape steeped in history where each corner offers new discoveries. Keep your camera at the ready for encounters with wildlife and landscapes that locals proudly claim as the heart of Oregon’s beauty.

Making The Most Of The Journey

Embarking on a trip from Astoria to Cannon Beach offers more than just a destination. It’s a path sprinkled with captivating scenery, perfect for photography enthusiasts, and dotted with additional attractions that promise to enrich your experience. Transform a mere drive into an adventure, and find joy in the journey itself.

Photography Tips And Locations

The route to Cannon Beach is a visual feast. To capture the moments, remember these tips:

  • Golden Hour Glow: Wake up early or plan for late afternoon shots. The soft light during these hours makes landscapes stand out.
  • Rugged Coastlines: Stop by Ecola State Park for cliffs and sea stack photos.
  • Keep It Steady: A tripod is your friend in windy conditions.
  • Rule of Thirds: Frame your shots for balance and interest.

Noteworthy spots include:

Ecola State ParkCoastal views, wildlife
Hug PointWaterfalls, caves
Tillamook Rock LighthouseHistoric site, ocean backdrop

Combining The Trip With Nearby Attractions

Maximize your journey to Cannon Beach by visiting these attractions:

  1. Fort Stevens State Park: Explore a historic military fort and shipwreck.
  2. Oregon Film Museum: Fun for movie buffs, featuring exhibits from filmed-in-Oregon movies.
  3. Seaside Aquarium: Interactive marine experience with feeding opportunities.

Pair your coastal trip with these delightful stops to create unforgettable memories.


Wrapping up, the journey between Cannon Beach and Astoria is brief but scenic. Explore the splendor of the Oregon coast on this drive. It’s perfect for those seeking a day trip full of adventure and beauty. Make the most of it with a well-planned itinerary.

Happy travels!

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