How Far is St Augustine from Daytona Beach?

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How Far is St Augustine from Daytona Beach

St. Augustine is approximately 54 miles from Daytona Beach. The drive normally takes around one hour.

Nestled on the northeast coast of Florida, St. Augustine’s rich heritage and Daytona Beach’s vibrant energy make both destinations irresistible for visitors. St. Augustine, known as the nation’s oldest city, offers a glimpse into early Spanish colonial life with its well-preserved architecture and historic sites.

Meanwhile, Daytona Beach promises excitement with its famous speedway and beautiful sandy shores. Whether you’re looking to explore the past or rev up your present, traveling between these two cities is a journey through both time and culture. This short road trip offers the perfect blend of historical discovery and modern seaside fun.

St Augustine And Daytona Beach At A Glance

Welcome to Florida’s scenic coastline where two of the state’s most charming destinations await. St. Augustine, steeped in history, offers a journey back in time, while Daytona Beach buzzes with vibrant energy suited for thrill-seekers and beach lovers. Both cities promise unique experiences for visitors with distinct attractions and activities. Let’s explore what makes each location special.

Geographical Proximity

St. Augustine and Daytona Beach are close to each other, placed neatly along the northeastern shores of Florida. They are easily accessible by car and offer a suitable trip for anyone eager to enjoy a change of scenery without venturing too far.

Starting PointEnding PointDistanceTravel Time
St. AugustineDaytona BeachApproximately 52 milesAbout an hour by car

Popular Attractions

  • St. Augustine is the nation’s oldest city. It brings history to life with places like the Castillo de San Marcos and the quaint streets of the Historic District.
  • For beachgoers, St. Augustine Beach beckons with its white sands and tranquil waves.
  • Daytona Beach names itself the “World’s Most Famous Beach”. It is home to the iconic Daytona International Speedway.
  • The Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier offer entertainment with a classic Florida flair.

Distance By The Numbers

Exploring Florida’s famed destinations leads to an important question: How far is St. Augustine from Daytona Beach? Understanding the distance helps travelers plan their trip effectively. The ‘Distance by the Numbers’ section dives into specifics, presenting precise figures to satisfy your curiosity.

Miles Apart

St. Augustine and Daytona Beach showcase Florida’s charm with their distinct flair. Separated by merely 52 miles, a journey between these cities is short. Travelers can revel in a scenic drive along the coast. This stretch is perfect for a day trip or a stopover during a Florida adventure.

Kilometers For International Travelers

If miles are a puzzle, kilometers offer clarity for many. St. Augustine stands approximately 84 kilometers from Daytona Beach. International visitors can gauge travel time easily with this metric. It’s a brief journey, linking two of Florida’s historic jewels.

Let’s break down the distance using different modes of transport:

TransportDistanceTravel Time
Car52 miles / 84 km~1 hour
Bus52 miles / 84 km~1.5 hours

Choose your favorite travel method. Both cities await with open arms and rich history. A discovery of Florida’s coastline, from the World’s Most Famous Beach to the nation’s Oldest City, lies within a mere hour’s drive.

Traveling By Car

Exploring the scenic route from St. Augustine to Daytona Beach by car is a delightful experience. Get ready for a journey filled with coastal views and charming stopovers. Hit the road for an adventure that combines history, culture, and sea breeze!

Routes To Take

Choosing the right path is crucial for a smooth drive. The primary route connecting St. Augustine to Daytona Beach is straightforward:

  • U.S. Route 1: It runs parallel to the coastline, offering a direct path.
  • A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway: For ocean views and a leisurely drive, this is your pick.
  • Interstate 95 (I-95): Fastest route for those who prefer speed over scenery.

Estimated Driving Time

Time matters when planning a trip. The drive from St. Augustine to Daytona Beach varies:

U.S. Route 1Approx. 1 hour
A1A Scenic BywayApprox. 1.5 hours
I-95Under 1 hour

The exact time can vary due to traffic conditions and the pace of your drive. Embrace the journey and choose the route that aligns with your travel vibe!

Alternative Transportation Options

If you’re planning to explore beyond Daytona Beach, St Augustine beckons with its rich history and charming streets. You might not want to drive, so what are your options? Let’s explore how to journey between these two Floridian gems without a car.

Public Transit Availability

Traveling by public transit may require patience, but it’s possible. You can board bus services linking Daytona Beach to St Augustine. Check the schedules in advance as services may not run frequently. Plan for a longer journey time due to transfers.

VotranApprox. 1 hourTo Greyhound
GreyhoundApprox. 2 hoursTo Local Bus

Private Shuttle Services

Shuttles offer convenience with door-to-door service. Several companies operate between Daytona Beach and St Augustine. Rates vary, so compare before booking. Shuttle services require reservations, so book ahead of time.

  • Door-to-door convenience
  • Flexible schedules
  • Private or shared options

Select a service that fits your travel needs. Some shuttles also offer tour packages, combining transport with sightseeing. Enjoy a comfortable ride and take in the sights without any stress.

Traffic Patterns And Best Times To Travel

Understanding traffic patterns and the best times to travel can transform your trip between St Augustine and Daytona Beach from stressful to delightful. Let’s dive into the ebb and flow of traffic so you can plan the smoothest route possible.

Avoiding Rush Hours

Timing is crucial when driving from St Augustine to Daytona Beach. The I-95 corridor, which connects these two coastal gems, often gets busy during the typical rush hour periods. To ensure a hassle-free journey, consider these tips:

  • Avoid traveling between 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM, when locals are commuting to and from work.
  • Plan to hit the road mid-morning or after 7 PM for lighter traffic conditions.
  • Use real-time traffic apps to stay informed about unexpected delays or incidents.

Seasonal Considerations

Seasons also dictate the traffic flow. Remember these points for a smoother trip:

SeasonTravel Recommendation
SummerEarliest hours are best, as tourist traffic is high.
Spring BreakMid-week travel reduces encounter with college crowds.
Bike Week/FestivalsCheck event dates and plan around them to avoid heavy traffic.
WinterMidday travel is optimal; cooler weather reduces tourist activity.

Choose travel times wisely and keep abreast of local events to enjoy a seamless drive along Florida’s scenic coastline.

Scenic Stops Along The Way

Are you ready for a road trip filled with beautiful views and intriguing history? The drive from Daytona Beach to St. Augustine is short. But the route has more than just a speedy arrival. It promises stops that will make your journey memorable.

Coastal Views

The stretch between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine is a treat for the eyes. With the Atlantic Ocean as your companion, this path is perfect for those who adore the sea. Grab your camera and make these picturesque spots a part of your road trip:

  • Flagler Beach: A quaint beach town with an untouched coastline and a pier that offers stunning ocean vistas.
  • Marineland: Get close to marine life and soak in the mesmerizing waterfront views.
  • Washington Oaks Gardens State Park: Explore nature trails leading to the shoreline, revealing unique coquina rock formations.

Historic Landmarks

As you approach St. Augustine, you step back in time. This ancient city is rich with stories etched in its landmarks. Consider these stops to dive into the past:

  • The Old Brick Road at Dixie Highway: This preserved road segment whispers tales of the early motoring adventures in Florida.
  • Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park: A tribute to the quest for eternal youth, offering a peek into the lives of early settlers.
  • Castillo de San Marcos: A historic fortress that stands as a monument to perseverance and strategy in early America.

Accommodations And Amenities

Travelers planning a trip from St Augustine to Daytona Beach often wonder about places to stay and eat. Here’s a helpful guide to the best spots for rest and refueling.

Overnight Stay Options

Finding a cozy spot to stay in between St Augustine and Daytona Beach is a breeze. Check out the variety of options:

  • Beachfront resorts offer stunning ocean views.
  • Charming inns provide a personal touch to your stay.
  • Family-friendly hotels feature pools and entertainment for all ages.
  • Budget motels cater to those watching their wallets.
Top Picks for Accommodation
TypeNameDistance from BeachRating
ResortOceanView Paradise0.1 miles5 stars
InnSt Augustine Historic Stay5 miles4 stars
HotelFamily Fun Hotel2 miles4 stars
MotelHighway Haven Motel1 mile3 stars

Dining And Rest Areas

For a tasty bite or a quick break, consider these dining spots and rest areas:

  1. Seafood shacks serve up the freshest catches.
  2. Fast food joints make for quick and easy meals on the go.
  3. Picnic areas are perfect for those who pack their snacks.
  4. Local diners offer a taste of regional flavor.
Favorite Dining Stops
SeafoodThe Crab ClawNear the pierGrilled Grouper
Fast FoodBurger BlastMain StreetCheeseburgers
PicnicLakeside ParkBy the LakeScenic Views
DinerMel’s ClassicRoute 1Homemade Pies

Activities At Both Destinations

Exciting adventures await both in St Augustine and Daytona Beach. These two Floridian gems offer a treasure trove of activities for visitors. Explore history where it stands tall or bask in the sun on sprawling beaches. Ready to discover what each locale has up its sleeve? Let’s dive into the attractions that make St Augustine and Daytona Beach unique and thrilling destinations.

St Augustine’s Historical Sights

Step back in time in the oldest city in the United States. St Augustine brims with landmarks that tell tales of bygone eras.

  • Castillo de San Marcos: This stone fortress stands as a monument to the Spanish Empire’s expansion.
  • The Fountain of Youth: Ponce de Leon’s legendary quest for eternal youth finds a home here.
  • St. George Street: Cobblestone paths lead to charming shops and historic homes.

Don’t miss: The St Augustine Lighthouse offers breathtaking views from its towering height.

Daytona Beach’s Beachside Fun

Daytona Beach shines with golden sands and ocean waves. World-famous for its motorsports, the beach itself becomes a playground.

  • Daytona International Speedway: Home to the Daytona 500, it’s a must-see for racing fans.
  • The Boardwalk and Pier: Enjoy games, rides, and treats on this lively stretch.
  • Beachside Parks: Andy Romano Beachfront Park and Sun Splash Park offer fun for all ages.

Catch some waves or relax under the sun. Daytona’s 23 miles of beach cater to every beachgoer’s dream.


Exploring the vibrant coastline of Florida is incomplete without the St. Augustine to Daytona Beach journey. Just an hour’s drive separates these iconic destinations, bridging rich history with high-octane racing culture. Whether you crave serene beaches or bustling boardwalks, this trip promises unforgettable memories and scenic beauty at every turn.

Ready to hit the road?

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