How Far is Virginia Beach from Myrtle Beach?

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How Far is Virginia Beach from Myrtle Beach

Virginia Beach is approximately 370 miles from Myrtle Beach by road. The drive typically takes around 6 hours.

Planning a vacation or a weekend getaway to a beach destination on the East Coast? Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach are two popular choices that come to mind. Both offer stunning shorelines, a variety of attractions, and vibrant nightlife, making them ideal spots for sun-seekers and adventure enthusiasts.

Nestled in the southeastern corner of Virginia, Virginia Beach boasts an expansive boardwalk and a laid-back vibe. On the other hand, Myrtle Beach, located in the heart of South Carolina’s Grand Strand coast, is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and extensive entertainment options. Whether it’s a solo trip, a family vacation, or a journey with friends, the distance between these two coastal gems is an important factor to consider while planning your visit.

Journey From Virginia Beach To Myrtle Beach

Traversing the distance from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach is a straightforward coastal journey. Covering approximately 360 miles, this trip offers scenic views and takes around 6 hours by car.

Geographic Overview

Picture two seaside gems on America’s East Coast. Virginia Beach lies at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Myrtle Beach sparkles in South Carolina. These popular beach destinations entice with sandy shores and family fun. The journey links Virginia to South Carolina, showcasing the coastal allure of the Atlantic. Adventurers and beach-goers alike set sail from Virginia Beach’s ocean-front boardwalk. They head towards the sunny horizons of Myrtle Beach. The trip mixes scenic routes with warm coastal charm.

Popular Routes

The voyage from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach offers multiple routes. Each path promises unique sights. Travelers can explore historic sites, sail past nature reserves, or dip into local cuisine en route.

Route NameDistanceEstimated Time
I-95 South360 miles6 hours
US Highway 17380 miles7 hours
  • I-95 South is a swift path, whizzing travelers to their beachy destination with ease.
  • US Highway 17 offers a scenic drive, with views of the coast to delight.

Distance And Travel Time

Planning a coastal road trip or curious about the distance from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach?
This section covers everything from total mileage to expected travel time. Prepare to learn
the essentials for your journey between these two popular beach destinations.

Miles Between The Beaches

Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach are popular coastal getaways, each offering unique attractions. The distance between them spans roughly 370 miles road trip. This measures the journey along some of the most scenic routes of the East Coast.

Expected Driving Hours

When planning your road trip, it’s crucial to know how long the drive will take. Expect to spend approximately 6 to 7 hours on the road when traveling from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach. Traffic conditions can affect this, so consider peak travel times when you plan.

Travel Time Summary
DepartureDestinationDistance (miles)Drive Time (hours)
Virginia Beach, VAMyrtle Beach, SC~3706-7
  • Interactive Map: Use GPS for real-time navigation.
  • Rest Stops: Plan for breaks at service areas.
  • Alternate Routes: Explore different paths for variety.

Remember, a well-planned route ensures a smooth trip. Always check road conditions and
weather forecasts before departing.

Travel By Car

Planning a road trip can be as exciting as the destination itself. Traveling by car from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach is a journey through the heart of the East Coast. A seamless drive that connects these two beach destinations offers both convenience and scenic beauty. This trip spans approximately 370 miles and takes about 6-7 hours, depending on traffic and the route you choose.

Best Times To Drive

The key to a smooth road trip lies in timing. Avoid peak traffic hours by setting off early in the morning or later in the evening. Summer months bring in tourists, so consider driving in the spring or fall to dodge heavy traffic. Weekdays are preferable as roads are less congested compared to weekends.

Scenic Stops Along The Way

The route from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach is sprinkled with charming spots. Here are must-see stops:

  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel: A marvel of engineering stretching 23 miles, offering stunning ocean views.
  • Outer Banks: Take a slight detour for a glimpse of picturesque barrier islands.
  • Wright Brothers National Memorial: Where flight history was made.
  • Cape Hatteras National Seashore: Enjoy the serene beaches and historic lighthouses.

Each stop provides not just a break from driving, but also enriches your trip with natural beauty and history.

Flying To Myrtle Beach

Are you planning a trip from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach? Flying can get you there quickly! Let’s explore flight options and transit times.

Flight Options

Multiple airlines service the route from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach. You might fly with:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United Airlines

Direct flights are less common, but connecting flights via nearby hubs offer convenience. Check online travel agencies for deals. Airlines sometimes offer special prices direct on their websites.

Transit Time Comparison

Driving takes about 7 hours, but flying is much faster. Here’s a quick comparison:

Transport MethodTransit Time
DrivingApprox. 7 hours
Flying (Direct)Approx. 1.5 – 2 hours
Flying (Connecting)Approx. 3 – 5 hours

Flight times can vary based on weather and route taken. Connecting flights could involve layovers.

Traveling By Train Or Bus

Traveling by Train or Bus from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach becomes an adventure of its own. Though there’s no direct train or bus route connecting these two beach cities, options exist for travelers keen on using public transportation. Let’s explore the available train journeys and bus route availability for this coastal trip.

Train Journeys

Embarking on a train journey to Myrtle Beach requires some planning. Travelers often take a train closest to Myrtle Beach and then connect via other transport modes. Here’s a snapshot of the journey:

Start PointTrain StationEnd PointConnection
Virginia Beach, VANearest StationWithin Reach of Myrtle Beach, SCCar or Bus

The closest Amtrak station to Myrtle Beach is in Florence, SC, around 70 miles inland. Travelers take a train to Florence and then transfer by car or bus to reach the sunny shores of Myrtle Beach.

Bus Route Availability

Bus travel might be a better option for direct routes. Companies like Greyhound provide services that help bridge the gap.

  • Pick-up: Start from a bus station in Virginia Beach.
  • Drop-off: The bus takes you closer to Myrtle Beach.
  • Links: Some routes require a transfer or two.

Checking the latest schedules on the bus company’s website ensures travelers secure the most efficient route to their beach destination.

Cost Comparison

Planning a trip between Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach means considering costs. Travel expenses can vary greatly. We’ll compare driving versus flying. This section dives into the cost comparison of both options.

Fuel Cost For Road Trip

A road trip offers freedom and adventure. Calculating fuel cost is key. Virginia Beach is around 350 miles from Myrtle Beach. Average car mileage and local gas prices influence the total cost. Use a fuel cost calculator for an estimate.

Consider these factors for fuel costs:

  • Current average gas price
  • Your vehicle’s miles per gallon (MPG)
  • Total distance to travel

Break down the costs using a basic formula:

Cost = Distance / MPG Gas Price

For example, with a car that has 28 MPG and gas at $3 per gallon:

Cost = 350 miles / 28 MPG $3 ≈ $37.50

Airfare Vs Ground Transport

Weigh airfare against ground transport costs. Look at ticket prices and compare with driving. Remember to factor in time, comfort, and additional fees like luggage or parking.

AirfareGround Transport
  • Check airlines for deals and discounts
  • Baggage fees might apply
  • Arrive quicker but consider airport transit
  • Fuel is the primary cost
  • Add maintenance and wear-and-tear for accuracy
  • Include rest stops and meal costs

Airlines may offer sales. Booking in advance often saves money. Consider ground transport alternatives like buses or trains for potential savings.

Navigating Weather Conditions

Navigating the journey between Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach means considering the weather. Understanding the climate patterns is key for a smooth trip. Let’s explore how seasonal changes can affect your drive down the East Coast.

Seasonal Considerations

The Atlantic coastline experiences distinct seasons. These changes can influence your travel from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach. Look at the weather forecasts before departure to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

  • Summer: Enjoy sunny skies and warm temperatures, ideal for beach activities.
  • Fall: Mild weather with fewer travelers on the road.
  • Winter: Watch for icy conditions that might delay your trip.
  • Spring: Beautiful blooms but be prepared for rain showers.

Impact On Travel Choices

The weather not only affects road conditions but your choices of activities. For instance, tourist hotspots can be less crowded during off-peak seasons. Contrarily, peak summer months bring more traffic and longer travel times.

SeasonWeatherTravel Impact
SummerHot and HumidHigh Traffic Volume
FallMild and PleasantSmooth Driving Conditions
WinterCold and Potentially SnowyPossible Delays and Cautious Driving
SpringModerate with RainfallVariable Road Conditions

Ensure your vehicle is weather-ready, especially during winter or spring, when conditions can change quickly. Always have an emergency kit and check the brakes, tires, and windshield wipers before heading out.

Accommodations And Attractions

From Virginia Beach’s golden sands to Myrtle Beach’s bustling boardwalk, travelers relish in the diverse offerings of the East Coast. A journey from Virginia Beach, VA to Myrtle Beach, SC, spans around 350 miles, bridging the gap with memorable accommodations and attractions. Discover where to stay and what sights to see in this coastal excursion.

Where To Stay

Both Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach boast a variety of lodging options.

  • Hotels: Find family-friendly resorts or beachfront hotels for a comfortable stay.
  • Vacation Rentals: Opt for a seaside vacation rental for a private escape.
  • Campgrounds: Camp under the stars for a unique experience close to nature.

Staying at the heart of either city means easy access to the beach and local attractions.

Sights To See

Ready for adventure? Explore these exciting landmarks and areas:

  1. Virginia Beach Boardwalk: A bustling hotspot with shops and eateries.
  2. Myrtle Beach SkyWheel: Soar high for panoramic views of the shoreline.
  3. Virginia Aquarium: Meet ocean life up close in an educational outing.
  4. Brookgreen Gardens: A sculpture garden and wildlife preserve near Myrtle Beach.

Experience local culture, cuisine, and coastal beauty found at every turn.

Preparing For The Trip

Embarking on a road trip between Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach promises adventure and scenic views. Preparation enhances the experience. The distance spans approximately 350 miles, requiring a well-planned approach to ensure comfort and safety. The following segments offer insights on packing necessities and driving safely.

Packing Essentials

Before setting off, a thorough packing list is key. Essentials vary depending on travel needs, but certain items remain universal.

  • Navigation tools: A reliable GPS device or updated maps ensure a smooth journey.
  • Clothing: Pack a mix of light layers, as weather can change unpredictably during road trips.
  • Snacks and water: Keep hydrated and energized with a stash of healthy snacks and plenty of water.
  • First-aid kit: Always travel with a basic first-aid kit for unexpected emergencies.
  • Entertainment: Books, music, or podcasts make long drives more enjoyable.

Safety Tips For Long Drives

Guarantee a safe arrival by following these tips:

  • Rest up: Start the trip well-rested to avoid fatigue on the road.
  • Regular breaks: Take breaks every two hours to stretch and refresh.
  • Stay alert: Keep the cabin temperature cool and engage in activities that prevent drowsiness.
  • Maintain your vehicle: Check tires, brakes, and fluids before departure.
  • Obey traffic laws: Follow speed limits and buckle up for safety.


Embarking on the journey from Virginia Beach to Myrtle Beach offers more than just miles to cover. It’s a scenic trip ripe with coastal charms, roughly a six-hour drive away. This adventure promises diverse landscapes and ample opportunities to create lasting memories.

So, pack your bags, set your sights on the horizon, and let the open road guide you to your next beachside getaway.

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