How Much is the Entrance Fee in Cebu Ocean Park?

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How Much is the Entrance Fee in Cebu Ocean Park

The entrance fee for Cebu Ocean Park starts at around PHP 600 for adults and PHP 500 for kids. Prices may vary based on promotions and season.

Cebu Ocean Park, the Philippines’ largest oceanarium, invites visitors to immerse themselves in the wonders of aquatic life. With its impressive array of marine species and interactive experiences, this attraction in Cebu City has quickly become a must-visit destination for families, marine enthusiasts, and tourists seeking adventure. We’ve also covered Cebu city tourist spots in detail.

Offering an educational and entertaining outing, the park features various exhibits, from deep-sea creatures to colorful reef fish. A day at Cebu Ocean Park isn’t just about viewing marine life; it provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of our oceans’ biodiversity. With its state-of-the-art facilities and engaging activities, the park promises a day filled with discovery and fun.

Introduction To Cebu Ocean Park

Welcome to Cebu Ocean Park, the premier marine park in the Philippines. Experience an underwater adventure like no other. With diverse exhibits and attractions, it promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you are a marine enthusiast or looking for a fun family outing, this ocean park is a must-visit destination.

The Attractions And Exhibits

Cebu Ocean Park is teeming with attractions that are both educational and entertaining. Explore these highlights:

  • Deep Tank Lagoon: With a 360-degree view, see marine life in their simulated natural habitat.
  • Jungle Trek: Experience the tropics and encounter freshwater fish and other exotic species.
  • Creepy Critters: Discover a world of reptiles and insects in a thrilling, close-up encounter.
  • Stingray Interaction: Get up close and personal with friendly stingrays.

Comparing With Other Aquariums In The Philippines

Cebu Ocean Park stands out with its vast collection and experiences. Let’s compare it with other aquariums:

AquariumMain AttractionsSizeUnique Offerings
Cebu Ocean Park360-degree lagoon, jungle trek, creepy critters7,000 sqmLargest Oceanarium in the Philippines
Manila Ocean ParkOceanarium, Trails to Antarctica, Symphony Evening Show8,000 sqmFirst world-class marine theme park in the Philippines
Other Marine ParksVaries per parkVaries per parkVarious specific attractions

Current Entrance Fees At Cebu Ocean Park

Welcome to an exciting underwater journey at Cebu Ocean Park!

Get ready for a splash of adventure and an opportunity to witness a world beneath the waves. Before you dive into this aquatic experience, let’s explore the entrance fees that unlock the door to this marine haven.

Standard Rates For Different Age Groups

Experience the wonders of the ocean no matter how old you are. Cebu Ocean Park offers a thrilling time for everyone.

Age GroupEntrance Fee
Adults (13 years old and above)PHP 800
Children (2-12 years old)PHP 600
Infants (Below 2 years old)Free

Discounts And Special Offers

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Cebu Ocean Park frequently offers discounts and special promotions.

  • Senior Citizens: 20% discount with valid ID
  • Person with Disability (PWD): 20% discount with valid ID
  • Special promo rates for school tours and groups

These rates and discounts can change, so always check the park’s official website or call ahead. Don’t miss out on these special offers!

Exploring Ticket Packages

At Cebu Ocean Park, adventure awaits every visitor. Dive into a sea of options with our various ticket packages. Your perfect ocean journey starts here! Different tickets can match every plan and budget. Let’s dive in and see what each package has to offer.

Bundled Experiences

Get more with bundled ticket options. Cebu Ocean Park offers exciting deals for a full-packed experience. These combined tickets give access to multiple attractions.

  • Combo Tickets – One price for multiple zones.
  • Group Passes – Ideal for families and friends.
  • Special Experiences – Include animal encounters and unique shows.

These bundles save money and time. Check out the full list of bundled experiences online.

Membership And Season Pass Insights

Loyal visitors gain more with memberships. Season passes offer year-long fun.

Pass TypeBenefitsValidity
Annual MembershipUnlimited entries, discounts, and moreOne year
Season PassSpecial perks during the seasonSeasonal

Visit the official website for details on pricing and exclusive benefits for pass holders.

Explore, discover, and save. Cebu Ocean Park awaits!

Maximizing Your Visit

Exploring the wonders of marine life becomes a thrilling adventure at Cebu Ocean Park. To get the most out of your experience, it’s important to plan your visit strategically. By choosing the right time to go and employing money-saving strategies, you can enjoy the park’s attractions without any hassle.

Best Times To Visit

Optimizing your schedule can greatly enhance your experience at Cebu Ocean Park. Weekdays, especially Tuesday through Thursday, are less crowded. This allows for a more intimate viewing of the oceanarium. Avoid public holidays and school vacations when possible. Mornings right when the park opens are ideal for avoiding large crowds. Check the weather forecast too; a sunny day can make your visit even more enjoyable.

Tips On Saving Money And Time

Saving money while maximizing fun at Cebu Ocean Park is possible with a few tips:

  • Book online: Advance tickets are often cheaper and save queuing time.
  • Combo deals: Look out for packages that combine entrance with shows or feedings.
  • Snack wisely: Bring your own snacks to avoid higher prices inside the park.

Time-saving measures also ensure you cover more attractions. Fast-track services may be available. Planning your route around the park can prevent backtracking. Be early for shows to get good seats. Use a park map to optimize your itinerary. These small steps go a long way in making your visit enjoyable and cost-effective.

Planning Your Trip To Cebu Ocean Park

The Cebu Ocean Park invites guests to a world below the waves. Before diving into the fun, let’s focus on trip planning details. Knowing the entrance fee is key. Costs vary by age and package. To find current rates, visit the official Cebu Ocean Park website.

Getting There: Directions And Parking

Finding Cebu Ocean Park is a breeze. It’s ideally located in South Road Properties (SRP), Cebu City. Private and public transport can get you there. Parking is provided for those driving personal or rental vehicles. A comforting experience awaits with their ample and secure parking spaces.

Nearby Accommodations And Attractions

Choosing the right stay near Cebu Ocean Park enhances the adventure. A wide array of accommodations surrounds the park. From luxurious hotels to budget-friendly inns, options exist to suit every need. Beyond rest, guests can explore nearby attractions. These include the Magellan’s Cross, the stunning Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, and the SM Seaside City Cebu mall.

Navigating Inside The Park

An adventure at Cebu Ocean Park? The entrance fee is a key detail for visitors planning their underwater escapades. Current pricing structures reflect varied experiences, ensuring a match for every budget and interest.

Cebu Ocean Park is an aquatic wonderland. It’s vital to know your way around. With a dynamic array of attractions, planning is key. Let’s dive into the map and zones, ensuring a smooth adventure.

Map And Zones Overview

A detailed map greets you at the entrance. The park divides into zones. Each zone has unique exhibits and shows. Grab a map, or better yet, download their mobile app. This way, you keep track of all the thrilling experiences.

  • Deep Sea Odyssey – Marvel at deep ocean creatures.
  • Jungle Trek – Encounter reptiles and tropical birds.
  • Critter’s Corner – Get up close with smaller animals.
  • Seven Seas – See dazzling coral reefs and fish.

Dining And Facilities Inside The Park

Fuel your exploration with a selection of dining options. Each area caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

Food SpotType of CuisineLocation
Oceanus BuffetInternationalNear Deep Sea Odyssey
Calypso GrillGrilled SpecialtiesClose to Seven Seas
Shark BitesSnacks and TreatsAdjacent to Jungle Trek

Restrooms and rest areas are well-marked. Look for the information kiosks for help. Enjoy your day at Cebu Ocean Park!

Additional Experiences And Upgrades

Ready for an underwater adventure at Cebu Ocean Park? Beyond the entry fee, explore the park’s exclusive Additional Experiences and Upgrades. Get close with marine life, learn with fun, or celebrate in style. There’s something extra for every visitor.

Animal Encounters And Educational Tours

Discover the magic beneath the waves with Animal Encounters. Touch a starfish or feed a stingray; these moments create memories. See the price details for each encounter:

Encounter TypePrice
Stingray InteractionPHP 1,000
Seahorse and Starfish InteractionPHP 500

Pair fun with learning through Educational Tours. Your guide will share stories and facts. Tours vary, so ask about the latest offers.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Tour
  • Mermaid Swimming Lessons

Special Events And Birthday Packages

Celebrate your special day with a splash at Cebu Ocean Park. Tailor-made Birthday Packages turn your dreams into reality. Choose from different themes and extras:

  1. Underwater Theme with mermaid show
  2. Jungle Adventure featuring exotic animals

Special Events also find a home here. Host company gatherings or team-building events with unique marine-inspired settings. Contact the events team for detailed pricing and arrangements.

Ending The Day: Highlights And Final Thoughts

As the sun dips below the horizon, Cebu Ocean Park visitors gather their memories along with their belongings. Smiling faces abound, and there’s a sense that a day spent here is one of adventure and learning. It’s time to reflect on the highlights and the experiences that made the visit unforgettable.

Personal Stories And Reviews

Guests share thrilling encounters with marine life, stunning underwater shows, and playful moments at the bird feeding arena. Ecstatic kids recount their first touch of a starfish in the interactive touch pool, while parents appreciate the park’s educational value.

  • Family Reunions: Multigenerational smiles after the dolphin performances.
  • Dates Transformed: Couples finding love amidst the deep sea wonders.
  • Solo Travelers: Individual explorers divulging in rare fish sightings.

The Park’s Conservation Efforts And Future Plans

Cebu Ocean Park stands firm in its commitment to marine conservation. The park’s efforts include rescue and rehabilitation initiatives for local marine species. As dusk falls on a day well spent, the conversation shifts to the future. Ambitious plans for sustainable practices and educational programs promise an even greener tomorrow for the park.

  • Rescue Missions: Injured sea creatures get a second chance at life.
  • Educational Workshops: Visitors learn about ocean protection.
  • Sustainable Features: The park invests in eco-friendly technologies.


Wrapping up, the Cebu Ocean Park offers an array of marine experiences with a price that fits various budgets. Before planning your visit, remember prices can change, so it’s wise to check the latest fees on their official website or by contacting them directly.

Embrace the beauty of marine life without breaking the bank at this spectacular aquatic haven.

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