How to Go to Vertis North from Trinoma?

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How to Go to Vertis North from Trinoma

To go to Vertis North from Trinoma, simply walk through the connecting bridge. It’s a straightforward, brief stroll between the two shopping centers.

Navigating the city of Quezon City becomes a breeze when you know the shortcuts and walkways connecting its major hubs. Vertis North and Trinoma are two prominent landmarks that lie in the heart of this urban expanse, serving as pivotal points for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Luckily for pedestrians and shoppers, these two spots are linked by a convenient pedestrian bridge, ensuring a safe and efficient transfer from one to the other, without ever having to step outside to the busy streets. Whether you’re a local resident or a traveler on the go, understanding this direct pathway not only saves time but also provides a seamless shopping experience in one of Metro Manila’s locales.

Journey To Vertis North From Trinoma

Travelers often overlook the ease of getting from Trinoma to Vertis North. But, with these two destinations in such close proximity, the journey is quick and convenient. Let’s dive into the simple steps you can take to travel between these neighboring hotspots in the heart of Quezon City.

Navigating The Short Distance

Vertis North boasts a strategic location just a stone’s throw away from Trinoma. With the short distance of approximately 500 meters, pedestrians enjoy a brief walk between these two spots. Plus, the seamless integration of public walkways makes this a safe and pleasant stroll.

Key Starting Points At Trinoma

Embarking on your journey from Trinoma offers multiple starting points. The mall provides a variety of exits leading towards Vertis North. Here’s a breakdown of these key access points:

  • Mindanao Avenue Entrance: Position yourself at the front line for Taxi and Ride-hailing services.
  • North Avenue Access: Ideal for those hopping onto the MRT or utilizing city buses.
  • Internal Walkways: Bridges connect directly to Vertis North, bypassing any street-level hassle.
Starting PointMeans of TransportEstimated Time
Mindanao Avenue EntranceTaxi/Ride-hailing< 5 mins
North Avenue AccessMRT/Bus< 5 mins
Internal WalkwaysWalking< 10 mins

Transportation Modes Available

Traveling from Trinoma to Vertis North is easy. Many options are available. Below, find the best ways to reach Vertis North.

Public Transit Options

Public vehicles make your trip simple and quick. Here’s a list of options:

  • Jeepneys: Take a ride from Trinoma to Vertis North. Look for one that says ‘North Avenue’.
  • Buses: Find the bus stop at Trinoma. Wait for a bus marked ‘Quezon City’. Get off at Vertis North.
  • The MRT: Board the train at North Avenue. Exit at the next station. Vertis North is just outside.

Private Vehicle Routes

Driving yourself? Follow these simple routes:

  1. Start at Trinoma’s parking exit.
  2. Take the road to Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA).
  3. Turn onto North Avenue.
  4. Drive straight. Vertis North is on your right.

These routes avoid traffic and save time.

Practical Walking Guide

Embarking on foot from Trinoma to Vertis North offers simple joys and insights into the bustle of city life. This Practical Walking Guide provides clear, step-by-step directions. The guide makes the short journey safe and enjoyable for all pedestrians.

Pedestrian Lanes And Safety

Trinoma and Vertis North sit close to each other, divided by North Avenue. This proximity is great for pedestrians. The key to a safe walk is to use the designated pedestrian lanes.

  • Exit Trinoma via North Avenue and turn left.
  • Immediately spot the brightly marked pedestrian lanes.
  • Wait for the walk signal before crossing to ensure safety.
  • Keep to the left and walk attentively.

Remember to remain vigilant when walking. Eye contact with drivers ensures that they see you. Currently, no overpass or underpass connects the two, so stick to the lanes.

Time Considerations For Walkers

Timing your walk can be crucial, especially during peak hours. From Trinoma to Vertis North, the walk is short. Here’s what to consider:

Time of DayEstimated Walking Time
Morning5 minutes
Midday7 minutes
Evening5 minutes

The time can vary slightly based on crowds and traffic signals. Aim to walk during quieter hours for a brisk trip. In sweltering heat, carry water to stay hydrated.

Taxi And App-based Ride Services

Traveling from Trinoma to Vertis North is a breeze with the convenience of taxi and app-based ride services at your fingertips. A quick, comfortable journey awaits with just a few taps on your smartphone. Stay with us to find out about getting a ride and anticipated costs.

Finding A Ride At Trinoma

Tracking down a taxi or booking an app-based ride at Trinoma is simple. Follow these steps to start your trip:

  1. Head to the dedicated taxi stand at Trinoma’s main entrance.
  2. Launch your ride-hailing app for services like Grab or Angkas.
  3. Enter ‘Vertis North’ as your destination.
  4. Confirm your pickup location at Trinoma.

Estimated Costs And Wait Times

Avoid surprises by checking estimated costs and wait times:

Ride OptionEstimated Cost (PHP)Estimated Wait Time
Taxi70-1505-10 mins
Ride-Hailing App100-2002-7 mins

Prices may vary based on traffic and demand, especially during peak hours. Check your app for the most accurate wait times before booking.

Local Tips For Commuters

Navigating through the roads of Quezon City, especially from Trinoma to Vertis North, can be quite the task. Worry not, these local tips for commuters serve as a handy guide to transform a potential transit headache into a breeze.

Best Times To Travel

Understanding the rhythm of city traffic can make a huge difference. The best times to commute are usually between 10 AM and 3 PM. This window dodges the heavy rush hours.

  • Wee hours: 4 AM – 6 AM offer clear roads.
  • Late nights: Post 9 PM sees less traffic congestion.

Avoiding Traffic Bottlenecks

To keep your travels swift, be mindful of traffic snarls that can occur. Key tips include:

Time FrameTraffic SpotsAlternate Route
7 AM – 9 AMNorth AvenueMindanao Avenue
5 PM – 7 PMEDSA-North AvenueQuezon Avenue

Avoid peak hours and use alternative routes when possible.

Trinoma To Vertis North: By The Hours

Traveling between Trinoma and Vertis North is a common route for daily commuters in Quezon City. Understanding the nuances of this journey can transform your travel experience. Let’s break down the Trinoma to Vertis North commute, hour by hour.

Morning Commute Experience

The morning light brings with it a fresh bout of energy for the early risers.

Getting from Trinoma to Vertis North in the morning is usually a breeze. Commuters enjoy a short walk, taking no more than ten minutes.

  • Pedestrian-friendly walkways are well-lit.
  • Cool calm air refreshes as you walk.
  • Street vendors offer local breakfast delights for a quick bite.

Walking remains the preferred method for many. As the clock hits 8 AM, a slight crowd begins to gather, but the way remains passable.

Evening Rush Insights

Post-work hours signal an uptick in pedestrian traffic, as people pour out from offices and malls. The atmosphere buzzes with energy.

  • Walkways become crowded with shoppers and office-goers alike.
  • The pace quickens, reflecting the rush to get home.
  • Overhead bridges connect Trinoma to Vertis North, keeping pedestrians safe.

Travel during peak hours (5 PM to 7 PM) can be slower. Crowds are thicker, with everyone eager to end their day.

TimeCrowd LevelExperience
5:00 PMModerateNavigable
6:00 PMHighBusy
7:00 PMLoweringCalming down

Despite the evening crowd, the journey from Trinoma to Vertis North remains manageable. Courtesy and patience go a long way during rush hour.


Navigating from Trinoma to Vertis North is straightforward and convenient. Whether you prefer walking or taking a quick train ride, your journey can be seamless and stress-free. Remember, quality time at Vertis North is just a short trip away from Trinoma.

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