How Much Will It Cost to Travel to Vigan?

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How Much Will It Cost to Travel to Vigan

The cost of traveling to Vigan varies depending on your starting point and travel style. A budget trip may start from $50, while a luxury experience could exceed $200 per day.

The province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines, Vigan stands as a beautifully preserved example of a Spanish colonial town in Asia, enticing travelers with its cobblestone streets and unique architecture. Your budget for Vigan will be influenced by various factors: transportation mode, accommodation preference, dining choices, and the activities you plan to indulge in.

For those keen to save, public transport and budget lodgings make the 400-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site accessible without breaking the bank. On the flip side, private tours and high-end hotels offer a taste of luxury in this historic city. A trip to Vigan can be tailored to suit both frugal backpackers and those wishing to splurge on a more opulent holiday.

Exploring Vigan’s Unique Charm

Philippines, Vigan is a city that time forgot. Its streets whisper tales of colonial heritage. Visitors find themselves stepping back to a period of horse-drawn carriages and classic architecture. A trip to Vigan is not just a journey through space but also through time.

Cobblestone Streets And Heritage Homes

Vigan’s Calle Crisologo serves as a window to history. The famous cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful Spanish-era houses. Taking a stroll here costs nothing yet offers priceless experiences:

  • Free walking tours available daily
  • Charming street musicians and artists
  • Kalesa rides, traditional horse-drawn carriages

Lovingly preserved, these homes now serve as inns, museums, and shops:

NameEntry FeeSpecialty
Syquia MansionPHP 50Antique collections
Hotel LunaPHP 100Art hotel and gallery

The Fusion Of Asian And European Cultures

The rich history of Vigan is celebrated through a blend of Asian and European influences. Witness this through:

  1. Festivals like the Vigan City Fiesta
  2. Iconic Cathedral of Vigan
  3. Traditional abel weaving, an art passed down generations

Museums and churches embody this cultural tapestry. Entry fees vary but often cost under PHP 100:

  • Crisologo Museum
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Padre Burgos House

Sample local cuisine at eateries dotting the town center. Empanada and longganisa are must-tries!

Getting To Vigan

Vigan, a city that speaks of history through its cobblestone streets and colonial houses, is a destination many yearn to experience. Journey to Vigan may prompt the question: what’s the cost? Let’s dive into your travel options and their associated expenses so you can budget for your adventure without any surprises.

Travel Options And Their Costs

Finding your way to Vigan can be an adventure in itself. Various modes of transportation can get you there, each offering different price points. Your choice impacts your budget significantly.

Transportation ModeCost (approx)Duration
Bus (From Manila)PHP 800 – 1,2008-10 hours
Plane (To Laoag then bus to Vigan)PHP 3,000 – 5,0001.5 hours + 2 hours
Private Car (From Manila)PHP 5,000 – 7,0006-7 hours

Comparison Of Transportation Modes

Choosing the right mode of transport comes down to balancing cost, comfort, and time. Here’s a clear comparison to help you decide:

  • Buses are the most budget-friendly.
  • Planes offer speed but include additional transfer time and costs.
  • Private cars provide comfort and convenience at a higher rate.

If you’re web savvy, catch early booking deals or promos for extra savings.

Accommodation Choices In Vigan

Wondering where to stay in the charming city of Vigan? The city offers a variety of accommodation choices catering to different budgets and preferences. From the backpacker seeking a bed in a hostel to the traveler desiring the elegance of a heritage house, Vigan has something for everyone.

Budget-friendly Hostels

For the budget-conscious traveler, hostels in Vigan provide a comfortable stay without breaking the bank. Experience warm Ilocano hospitality while enjoying these affordable amenities:

  • Shared dorms or private rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Common lounge areas
  • Traveler-friendly locations

Mid-range Hotels

Couples or small families often opt for mid-range hotels. These hotels strike a balance between cost and comfort, featuring:

En-suite bathroomsYes
Cable TVYes
Room serviceAvailable
On-site restaurantSome

Luxurious Heritage Stays

For a touch of luxury and history, consider a heritage stay in Vigan. These grand homes provide guests with:

  1. An authentic historical experience
  2. Antique furnishings and décor
  3. Personalized service
  4. Modern amenities blended with old-world charm

Daily Expenses

Planning a trip to Vigan? Your daily expenses are key. This charming city offers a range of costs. From food to sightseeing, manage your budget better. Let’s dive into what you might spend each day.

Food And Dining: Street Eats To Restaurant Meals

In Vigan, your taste buds are in for a treat. Delicious options fit any wallet size. Try these:

  • Street food – Prices start at PHP 20. Empanada and Vigan longganisa are must-tries.
  • Cafes – Enjoy a snack for around PHP 50-150.
  • Restaurants – Full meals range from PHP 200-500. Go for local Ilocano dishes.

Entrance Fees To Must-see Attractions

Vigan’s beauty is in its history. Explore without breaking the bank. Notable places:

AttractionEntrance Fee
Calles CrisologoFree
Syquia MansionPHP 50
Crisologo MuseumFree
Bantay Church Bell TowerPHP 10-20 Donation

Local Transportation: Kalesa To Tricycles

Getting around Vigan is fun. Choose from several options.

  1. Kalesa ride – A charming choice. Costs PHP 150-200 per hour.
  2. Tricycles – Convenient for short trips. Rates start at PHP 10.
  3. Jeepneys – Cheap for longer distances. Fare is about PHP 8-20.

Extra Costs And Savings Tips

Planning a trip to Vigan includes more than just your basic travel costs. Extra expenses can add up quickly, from souvenirs to local attractions. But fear not, there are multiple ways to keep your wallet happy. Read on for the insider scoops on how to save while still enjoying all Vigan has to offer.

Shopping For Souvenirs

Vigan is famous for its unique crafts and goods. Here’s how to shop smart:

  • Compare prices at different stalls.
  • Opt for local markets over tourist-heavy areas.
  • Bulk purchases might get you a better deal.
  • Remember to bargain, it’s part of the culture!

Avoiding Tourist Traps

Tourist traps can lead to overspending. Stay one step ahead with these tips:

  • Research authentic local eateries for better prices.
  • Stay clear of attractions with ‘tourist prices’.
  • Walk or bike to nearby attractions to save on transport.

Discounts And Bargains

Smart travelers know how to find those sweet deals. Here’s where to look:

  • Use discount cards for attractions and tours.
  • Book accommodation that offers free breakfast or extras.
  • Travel in a group to split costs on tours and rentals.
  • Visit during the off-peak season for lower rates on everything.

Sample Budget Itineraries

Journey to Vigan means stepping back in time through its cobbled streets and Spanish-era architecture. Planning your budget can help make the most out of your journey. Below, find sample budget itineraries tailored to different travel styles and preferences.

Backpacker’s Budget Plan

Explore Vigan with the spirit of adventure using the Backpacker’s Budget Plan. Aim for hostels, street food, and free attractions to maximize savings.

  • Accommodation: Dorm beds in hostels – $10 to $15 per night
  • Food: Local eateries and street food – $5 to $10 per day
  • Transportation: Tricycle rides and walking – $2 to $5 per day
  • Attractions: Free historical sites and minimal fees for museums – $1 to $3
  • Total Daily Cost: Approximately $20 to $35

Comfortable Mid-range Tour

Travel in comfort without breaking the bank. Mid-range travelers enjoy private accommodations, diverse cuisines, and convenient transport.

Hotel$30 to $60 per night
Food$15 to $25 per day
Transportation$5 to $10 per day
Activities$10 to $20 per day
Total Daily Cost$60 to $115

Luxury Experience In Vigan

Indulge in elegance and comfort with the Luxury Experience plan. Stay in the best hotels, dine exquisitely, and travel with style through Vigan’s historic charm.

  1. Accommodations: Premier hotels – $100 to $200 per night
  2. Dining: High-end restaurants – $30 to $50 per meal
  3. Private Tours: Guided experiences – $50 to $100
  4. Transportation: Rental car or chauffeured service – $40 to $80 per day
  5. Total Daily Cost: Around $220 to $430


Exploring Vigan’s rich history and charm can fit into various budgets, emphasizing the city’s accessibility for travelers. Whether you indulge in luxury or adhere to frugality, Vigan’s doors are open. Budget wisely, and this heritage haven promises an unforgettable journey.

Pack your bags for a cultural adventure that’s both enriching and affordable. Safe travels!

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