Where is Longleat Safari Park Located?

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Longleat Safari Park is located in Wiltshire, England. It resides near the towns of Warminster and Frome.

Nestled within the lush English countryside, Longleat Safari Park is a renowned attraction known for its diverse collection of animals and the stately Longleat House. Opened in 1966, this pioneering wildlife park was the first drive-through safari park outside Africa.

Visitors can explore multiple animal enclosures, where they have the unique opportunity to witness a range of exotic species in large, open habitats. The park offers a thrilling experience for wildlife enthusiasts and families alike, promising educational encounters with nature’s marvels. It’s not just a draw for animal lovers; the historic Longleat House, set amidst the sprawling grounds, appeals to those with an appreciation for architecture and English heritage.

Introduction To Longleat Safari Park

Nestled in the lush Wiltshire countryside in England, Longleat Safari Park teems with excitement and adventure. This iconic destination, which first opened in 1966, stands as a pioneer in wildlife conservation, education, and entertainment. Spanning across vast acres of land, it showcases some of Earth’s most magnificent creatures. Visitors are invited to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of wildlife, all within a stone’s throw of the majestic Longleat House, brimming with its own storied past.

The Allure Of Wildlife Encounters

Longleat Safari Park offers an intimate foray into the realm of untamed nature. Here, encounters with wildlife turn into vivid memories that linger for a lifetime. The park’s well-crafted habitats allow an opportunity to witness animals roaming freely, exuding the essence of their natural behaviors.

  • Drive-through Adventure: Journey through different zones where lions bask and monkeys frolic.
  • Jungle Kingdom: Explore walking paths to see meerkats, and red pandas, up close.
  • Animal Interactions: Hands-on experiences forge lasting bonds between humans and wildlife.

Longleat’s Historic Significance

The grandeur of Longleat extends beyond its wildlife. Longleat House, a remarkable example of high Elizabethan architecture, offers a spectacular glimpse into centuries of history.

1541Construction of Longleat House begins
1949Opens to the public, one of the first stately homes in England to do so
1966Longleat Safari Park inaugurated, the first outside Africa

Exploring Longleat House, visitors step back in time, amidst antique furnishings, artwork, and lush gardens, each element bearing witness to the rich heritage that complements the wildlife sanctuary that surrounds it.

Geographic Placement Of Longleat Safari Park

Longleat Safari Park is a unique wildlife adventure. It sits in the picturesque county of Wiltshire, England. Explorers of all ages find joy here.

In The Heart Of Wiltshire

Longleat, known for its lush landscapes and regal mansion, is nestled amidst rolling hills and tranquil lakes.

  • It surely captures the essence of the English countryside.
  • Visitors can easily travel from nearby cities and towns.
  • This attraction blends history, nature, and family fun. 

Coordinates And Proximity To Landmarks

The park’s location is well-marked on the map. It’s close to notable landmarks for easy spotting.

LandmarkDistance to Longleat
Stonehenge24 miles
Bath18 miles
Salisbury22 miles

The exact coordinates are 51.1858° N, 2.2745° W. Whether driving or taking public transport, the park welcomes visitors with ease

Accessibility And Transportation Options

Exploring Longleat Safari Park is an adventure like no other. Before planning your trip, it’s crucial to know the best ways to get there.

By Road: Routes And Directions

Nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, England, arriving by car is a breeze.

  • From London: Take the M3 then switch to the A303 and A36 towards Warminster, and follow brown signs.
  • From the North: Head down on the M5, then join the A36 towards Warminster.
  • From the South West: Drive up on the A303 to the A36 up north, joining toward Warminster.
  • From the South East: Merge onto the A36 heading north and continue towards Warminster.
  • From Wales: Cross the Severn Bridge on the M4, move onto the A350, and follow signs to Warminster.

Ensure you have your route mapped out before you depart. Signage easily guides you to the park’s entrance.

Public Transport Availability

Public transport makes visiting Longleat Safari Park convenient.

TrainNearest station: WarminsterRegular services from Cardiff, London, and Portsmouth
BusFrom Warminster Station: Bus 267Direct to Longleat Safari Park
CoachNational servicesStop in Warminster, then take the bus or taxi

Train travel is convenient from major cities. Buses connect directly to the park from Warminster Station. Taxis are also available for a direct route to the park.

Longleat’s Legacy & Ownership

Longleat Safari Park stands as a majestic example of innovation within a historical context. The park, nestled within the English countryside, represents a beautiful synergy of centuries-old heritage and modern entertainment.

The Thynn Family And The Estate’s History

The story of Longleat begins with the Thynn family. In 1541, John Thynn laid the foundations for what would become one of the UK’s most impressive estates. The family maintained the property through generations, ensuring its historical beauty and significance remained intact.

As key figures in the British aristocracy, the Thynn lineage includes notable personalities, each contributing to Longleat’s splendor:

  • Viscount Weymouth
  • The Marquesses of Bath

Longleat House, the family residence, vibrates with tales and treasures. Visitors marvel at its remarkable architecture, exquisite paintings, and lavish furnishings. The estate evolved with time, always reflecting the family’s status and vision.

Transitioning To A Safari Park

In 1966, the estate took a groundbreaking turn. The 6th Marquess of Bath transformed the grounds into the first safari park outside Africa. The move was visionary, combining conservation with public experience.

The park opened with just one drive-through enclosure housing lions. Today, it is a labyrinth of animal exhibits and interactive attractions:

  1. Drive-through animal areas
  2. Walk-through adventures
  3. Boat trips on the lake

As a pioneer in wildlife conservation, the transition brought new life to the estate. Longleat Safari Park embraces its legacy while leading the way in animal care and family entertainment. Each visit promises an unforgettable journey through history, nature, and adventure.

What You’ll Discover Inside

Embark on an unforgettable journey at Longleat Safari Park, nestled in the lush Wiltshire countryside. Inside this majestic park, adventure awaits at every turn. Uncover the incredible world of wild animals, engage in thrilling experiences, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s a peek into what you’ll discover inside:

Animal Exhibits And Species Variety

At the heart of Longleat, diverse animal exhibits beckon. These are some highlights:

  • Lions of Longleat: Witness the majestic pride of lions.
  • Tiger Territory: Get close to these striped predators.
  • Monkey Mayhem: Watch mischievous monkeys at play.
  • Elephant Kingdom: Marvel at the magnificence of elephants.

With over 1,000 animals from around the world, you’re in for a treat. Noteworthy species include:

Red PandasAsia
Sea LionsVarious oceans

Unique Experiences And Tours

Longleat Safari Park offers more than just animal sightings. Check out these extraordinary experiences:

  1. Jungle Cruise: Board the boat and meet sea lions and hippos.
  2. Jungle Kingdom: Walk among some of the world’s most intriguing species.
  3. Adventure Castle: Kids explore and conquer the grand fort.
  4. The Bat Cave: Encounter the mystery of nocturnal creatures.

For a more personal touch, consider private tours:

  • VIP Experiences: Enjoy behind-the-scenes access.
  • Personal Tour Guide: Learn secrets from knowledgeable guides.

Visitor Experience

Ready for a wild adventure? Longleat Safari Park offers a day full of excitement and amazing sights. From roaming lions to playful lemurs, this is a must-see for anyone seeking a close encounter with wildlife. Dive into an unforgettable visitor experience where memories are just waiting to be made!

Seasonal Events And Schedules

Longleat Safari Park buzzes with activity all year round. Each season brings new, thrilling events for guests of all ages. Look at the events calendar on their website to plan your visit.

  • Spring welcomes the Easter Adventure Quest.
  • Summer shines with the Food & Music Festival.
  • Autumn hosts spooky Halloween fright nights.
  • Winter enchants with the magical Festival of Light.

Facilities And Amenities For Guests

Longleat ensures a comfortable and hassle-free visit with a range of facilities and amenities.

Restaurants & CafésDelicious meals and snacks.Main square & various points
Picnic AreasScenic spots for your own food.Near major attractions
Gift ShopsUnique souvenirs to remember your trip.Entrance & exit
Toilets & Baby ChangingClean, accessible facilities.Throughout the park

Bringing little ones? Look for stroller rentals at the main entrance. Need assistance? The Guest Services team stands ready to help. Longleat welcomes everyone to enjoy a day of wonder and excitement!

Conservation And Educational Efforts

Nestled amidst the lush greens of Wiltshire, England, Longleat Safari Park stands as a beacon of wildlife conservation and education. Beyond the thrill of witnessing exotic animals up close, Longleat plays a pivotal role in safeguarding species and enlightening future generations.

Breeding Programs For Endangered Species

Longleat Safari Park is committed to the preservation of wildlife, with a focus on breeding endangered species. These efforts ensure future generations can enjoy and learn from these magnificent creatures. Key successes at the park include breeding programs for:

  • Amur tigers, which are among the world’s most endangered big cats
  • Koalas, to boost their dwindling populations outside of Australia
  • Red pandas, with Longleat contributing to global conservation work

Educational Initiatives And Community Outreach

Longleat doesn’t just protect animals; it bridges gaps between humans and nature. The park conducts various educational initiatives, targeting audiences of all ages. These include:

  1. Interactive workshops that engage school children with hands-on learning
  2. Wildlife conservation talks that inspire park visitors to take action
  3. Community outreach programs designed to foster a love for nature and its conservation

These efforts amplify Longleat’s voice in the global call for wildlife conservation. They inspire locals and visitors alike to champion the care and preservation of our natural world.

Planning Your Visit To Longleat

Nestled in the lush Wiltshire countryside, Longleat Safari Park invites you on a thrilling adventure through its wild animal kingdom. From majestic lions to cheeky monkeys, Longleat offers a spellbinding escape into the animal world. Before setting off, let’s explore how to make the most of your trip to this enchanting safari park.

Best Times To Visit

Maximize your Longleat experience by picking the perfect time to visit. The park’s vibrant beauty peaks during spring and summer, with longer days offering ample time for exploration. To avoid crowds, consider weekday visits and off-peak seasons such as autumn.

  • Weekdays usually less busy
  • Spring and summer for full park access
  • Autumn visits for a quieter experience

Ticket Options And Packages

Longleat provides a range of ticket options to suit all visitors. Whether you seek a single day of fun or a pass for unlimited visits, you’ll find the perfect package.

Ticket TypeFeaturesPrice
Day TicketOne-day access to park and attractionsVariable
Annual PassYear-round entry, discounts on eventsBest Value
Group TicketDiscounted rate for parties of 12+Save More

Purchase tickets in advance online to save time and secure entry on your preferred date. Be sure to check for special offers that may include hotel stays and additional perks.


Embarking on an adventure to Longleat Safari Park promises an unforgettable experience. Nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, England, this renowned attraction awaits your discovery. As you plan your visit, remember the panoramic views and majestic wildlife are just a drive away.

Unlock the wonders of the animal kingdom – your journey to Longleat begins with a single step.

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