Where to Park in Bournemouth?

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Where to Park in Bournemouth

Parking in Bournemouth is available at various public car parks and on-street locations. Central options include the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) and Avenue Road car parks.

Discover the simplicity of parking in the coastal haven of Bournemouth, whether you’re planning a beach trip or a bustling city tour. Nestled on the sunny south coast of England, Bournemouth offers a blend of serene beachfronts and vibrant urban areas, with ample parking to cater to visitors and locals alike.

Opt for the convenience of centrally located parking facilities like the Pavilion car park, which puts you within walking distance of the town’s array of shops, restaurants, and the famed Bournemouth Gardens. Or choose the ease of quick access to the golden sands near the Oceanarium with the oceanfront lots. With several car parks equipped with the latest payment technologies and real-time space availability information, your Bournemouth adventure begins with stress-free parking.

Bournemouth Parking Basics

Bournemouth, with its beautiful beaches and vibrant town centre, attracts visitors year-round. Finding the right parking can make the trip easier. This guide helps you understand parking basics.

Choosing The Right Spot

Selecting the best parking spot in Bournemouth is crucial. These tips ensure you park smartly:

  • Check signage for restrictions and permit requirements.
  • Pick spots close to attractions to reduce walking.
  • Use parking apps to find available spaces.
  • Consider side streets for longer, cheaper parking.

Time Restrictions And Charges

Parking in Bournemouth comes with time-related restrictions and costs. Be mindful of the following:

Parking ZoneOperating HoursCharges
Central Bournemouth08:00 – 22:00Starts from £1.50/hour
Residential areasVariesLower rates
Beachfront24 hoursHigher rates
  • Observe time limits to avoid fines.
  • Use pay-and-display machines where applicable.
  • Evenings might offer free parking.

Public Car Parks In Bournemouth

Finding a parking spot in Bournemouth is easy with an array of public car parks available. Whether visiting the beach or the shopping district, you have options. From multi-storey car parks offering shelter and security to surface level lots providing convenience and quick access, Bournemouth caters to all parking needs. Explore the designated areas for complete peace of mind during your stay.

Multi-storey Options

Multi-storey car parks in Bournemouth are a popular choice for visitors. These facilities offer numerous levels of covered parking, protecting your car from the elements. Below, find the well-known multi-storey car parks:

  • Avenue Road Car Park – Centrally located with easy access to shopping.
  • Richmond Hill Car Park – Ideal for visits to the town centre.
  • Durley Road Car Park – Situated near Bournemouth International Centre.

Surface Level Lots

Surface level car parks offer flexible and often economical parking. No need to navigate tight ramps or worry about vehicle height restrictions. Discover some of the convenient surface level lots in Bournemouth:

  1. Cotlands Road Car Park – A short walk from the waterfront.
  2. Gloucester Road Car Park – Perfect for beachgoers.
  3. Bath Road South Car Park – Near the Bournemouth Pavilion and central gardens.

Each location boasts different rates and maximum stay limits, so check signage on arrival. Remember to change all H3 tags to proper HTML syntax when finalizing the content for the blog. Also, double-check that all lists are formatted correctly and that important phrases are bolded.

Street Parking Options

Finding a spot for your car in bustling Bournemouth can be tricky. Street parking is an option worth considering. This guide will explore various street parking avenues. It will ensure a smooth experience while you enjoy the seaside or city center.

Pay And Display Rules

Pay and Display parking is available in Bournemouth. Spot these machines with ease. Here are the guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Check signs for operating hours. This varies per location.
  • Charges apply differently. Weekdays, weekends and bank holidays can change rates.
  • Use coins or mobile apps for payment. Convenience at your fingertips!
  • Keep an eye on the clock. Maximum stay limits may be enforced.

Residential Areas Considerations

Keen on parking near homes? Be mindful of local residents. Some things to remember:

  1. Residential spots could require a permit. Avoid fines by checking signage.
  2. Restrictions often apply. Look for signs indicating timings and rules.
  3. Visitor passes may be an option. Ask a local friend for help.
  4. Be considerate. Never block driveways or take up excessive space.

Free Parking In Bournemouth

Finding free parking in Bournemouth can make your visit or daily commute much more pleasant. With some insider knowledge, you can enjoy the vibrant town without worrying about parking fees. Let’s explore the best spots where you can safely leave your car at no cost!

Locations With No Charges

Wondering where to park without spending a penny 24/7? Bournemouth offers specific areas where parking is completely free. Here’s a list:

  • Westbourne – Alum Chine Road and the surrounding streets.
  • East Cliff – Meyrick Park Crescent.
  • Boscombe – Hawkwood Road for quick beach access.

Time-limited Complimentary Spaces

Some streets provide free parking but with a catch – there’s a time limit.

WintonMon-Sat1 Hour Max
CharminsterMon-Sat1-2 Hours
SouthbourneMon-FriUp to 2 Hours

Always check the signs to ensure the correct times for free parking.

Private Parking Facilities

Finding parking in Bournemouth can be a challenge, especially during peak tourist seasons. However, private parking facilities provide a great alternative to the hustle for a spot. These options often come with added security, convenience, and sometimes, even better rates.

Renting A Private Space

Bournemouth residents with spare driveways or garages can offer their spaces for rent. This can be a budget-friendly choice. Sites like JustPark or YourParkingSpace list available spots. These platforms allow drivers to book a private parking space ahead of time. This ensures peace of mind upon arrival in the bustling seaside town.

  • Pre-booking capability
  • Often cheaper than public options
  • Flexible rental periods from hours to months

Hotel And Business Premises Parking

Many hotels in Bournemouth offer parking facilities, not just for guests but often for the public too. Businesses, too, may have spare capacity. Parkers must confirm availability and rates ahead of time. Contacting local businesses or checking hotel websites could reveal useful spots.

Facility TypeProsCons
Hotel ParkingSecure, On-siteMay be pricier, Limited spots
Business ParkingCentral locations, Reserved spotsRestricted hours, Need prior arrangement

Eco-friendly Parking Initiatives

Bournemouth is stepping up its game with eco-friendly parking initiatives. These green options cater to those who embrace sustainability without compromising convenience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, here’s your guide to environmentally responsible parking in the town.

Spaces For Electric Vehicles

Bournemouth embraces the electric wave by offering dedicated parking spaces for EVs.
These spots often feature charging stations, making it a breeze to power up while parked.

LocationNumber of SpacesCharging Type
High Street Car Park10Fast Charge
Beachfront Plaza8Rapid Charge
Station Road Site5Standard

Bike Parking Spots

Cycling to your destination? Bournemouth has got you covered with secure bike
parking spots. Find these close to major attractions and shopping districts.

  • Bournemouth Pier – 25 spots, CCTV-monitored
  • Central Gardens – 15 spots, serene setting
  • Town Square – 20 spots, heart of the town

Parking For Disabled Drivers

Parking for Disabled Drivers in Bournemouth should be easy and convenient. The town offers dedicated parking spaces for Blue Badge holders. These spaces are close to shops, beaches, and gardens. Read on to find the best spots and parking tips for disabled drivers.

Blue Badge Parking Areas

Blue Badge holders enjoy special parking privileges in Bournemouth. You can park for free and with no time limit at all on-street parking bays. Look for marked spaces that have a Blue Badge sign.

  • Town Centre: Multiple spots near shopping areas.
  • Seafront: Easy beach access with designated spaces.
  • Public Car Parks: Allocated bays closer to the entrances.

Concessionary Parking Options

Bournemouth has concessionary parking for its disabled visitors. In some car parks, Blue Badge holders can park at a reduced rate. Remember to display your Blue Badge at all times. Here are a couple of concessionary options:

Car Park NameLocationConcession Rate
BIC Multi-StoreyNear Bournemouth International CentreFlat rate for 3 hours
Avenue RoadClose to gardens and shops4 hours for the price of 2

Parking discs are necessary where time limits apply.

Tips And Tricks For Bournemouth Parking

Finding parking in Bournemouth can be a breeze with the right guidance. Whether heading to the beach or exploring the town center, a good parking spot makes all the difference. Here are some savvy tips and strategies to ease the parking hunt in this vibrant seaside town.

Best Times To Find Spaces

Securing a parking spot becomes simple once you know the best times to search.

  • Early mornings offer plentiful choices.
  • Late afternoons are ideal, as most beach-goers start heading home.
  • Weekdays see fewer crowds than weekends.

Check the timings for on-street parking; some areas become free after 6 PM.

Mobile Apps To Locate Parking

Count on technology to solve your parking troubles. Handy mobile apps like JustPark and Parkopedia lead you to available spots quickly.

JustParkReal-time availability, Easy payment optionsGoogle Play Store & Apple App Store
ParkopediaComprehensive parking maps, Price comparisonsGoogle Play Store & Apple App Store

Both apps offer user reviews and navigational features, ensuring you park with peace of mind.

Contesting Parking Tickets

Finding a parking spot in Bournemouth can be tough. Sometimes, you might even get a ticket. Don’t worry, you can appeal. This section guides you through how to contest parking tickets confidently.


Understanding The Process

Getting a parking ticket can be a hassle. Bournemouth has clear steps for appealing. Know where to send your appeal and which form to use.

Here’s a quick look at the appeal process:

  1. Check the ticket for errors.
  2. Gather evidence: photos, receipts, or witness statements.
  3. Write your appeal. Be clear and concise.
  4. Send it to the council within the time limit.
  5. Wait for the council’s decision.

Remember to act quickly. You have a better chance if you start early.

When To Appeal

Not every ticket is right. Sometimes you should appeal. Here’s when to do it:

  • Ticket on a broken meter.
  • Signs are unclear or hidden.
  • Mistakes on the ticket.
  • Wrong car details.

Important: You have 28 days from the ticket date to start an appeal. Don’t delay. Start as soon as you can. Know your rights!

Future Of Parking In Bournemouth

The picturesque coastal town of Bournemouth is embracing the future with open arms, especially when it comes to parking. The traditional parking experience is evolving thanks to advanced technology and innovative city planning. This upcoming transformation aims to make parking more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly for everyone.

Smart Parking Developments

Bournemouth is stepping into the future with smart parking developments. Innovative solutions are rolling out to ease parking woes. Imagine a world where sensors guide you to the nearest open spot in real-time, cutting down on congestion and saving precious time.

  • Real-time availability information through apps
  • Automated payment systems for convenience
  • Integration with navigation systems for seamless travel

City Planning And Parking Spaces

Bournemouth’s city planners are not just thinking about today, but also the needs of tomorrow. Efficient city planning is crucial for maintaining the town’s charm while meeting modern demands. Upcoming projects focus not just on more parking, but smarter parking.

Expand multi-storey parkingMaximise space
Eco-friendly parking zonesReduce environmental impact
Pedestrian-friendly areasEncourage walking


Navigating Bournemouth’s parking scene is easier than you think. With the tips we’ve shared, you’re set for hassle-free parking. Remember to check signs and prices for the best spots. Head out confident and enjoy all Bournemouth offers without the parking stress.

See you on the roads!

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