How Much is Parking at Graceland?

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How Much is Parking at Graceland

Parking at Graceland costs $10 for standard vehicles and $15 for RVs and trailers. There are also options available for over-sized vehicles.

Visiting Elvis Presley’s iconic home, Graceland, is an unforgettable experience steeped in musical history. Before you can explore the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s mansion, understanding the parking logistics is essential. Conveniently located parking ensures fans and tourists have easy access to the estate.

Efficient parking adds to a stress-free visit, giving more time to immerse in Elvis’s legacy. Graceland offers ample space for your vehicle, whether you’re driving a compact car or maneuvering a larger RV. Prepare for a seamless trip by planning your visit, and rest assured that parking is taken care of with clear, upfront fees. With the details on parking fees settled, guests can focus on the vibrant tours and exhibits that await at this Memphis landmark.

Graceland Parking Essentials

Visiting the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s home, Graceland, is an unforgettable experience. Finding a spot for your car is part of the journey. Let’s help you understand the parking essentials at Graceland – no surprises, just rock ‘n’ roll memories.

Location And Access

Graceland’s parking lot is easy to find. Follow the Elvis Presley Boulevard and spot signs pointing to the lot. The entrance is user-friendly and accessible for all vehicles.

  • Address: Directly across from the Graceland mansion
  • Close to the visitor center
  • Easy drop-off points for those with accessibility needs

Standard Parking Rates

Cost shouldn’t worry you. Graceland offers standard parking rates for all guests.

Type of VehicleParking Fee
Cars and Motorcycles$10
RVs and Buses$15

Parking fees apply once per stay. Re-entry is free. Remember, Graceland VIP tour ticket holders receive complimentary parking.

Types Of Parking At Graceland

Visiting the home of Elvis Presley means experiencing the King’s legacy first-hand. A vital piece of planning your visit is deciding where to park. Graceland offers different parking options to cater to all visitor needs. Each comes with its features and perks. Explore the variety of parking choices available for guests arriving by car.

General Visitor Parking

General Visitor Parking is the standard option for guests. It’s situated conveniently near the Graceland complex. This lot welcomes all guests and offers ample space for cars, vans, and motorcycles. Security patrols the area, ensuring your vehicle remains safe while you enjoy your time exploring Elvis’ world. Easy access and affordability make this a popular choice for many visitors.

LocationSecurityVehicle TypesCost
Near Visitor CenterPatrolled AreaCars, Vans, MotorcyclesVaries by Season

Vip Parking Options

For guests seeking something extra, VIP Parking Options provide closer proximity and convenience. Reserved exclusively for those with VIP tour tickets, these spots afford the quickest access to the mansion and exhibits. Guests can expect a premium experience, with high attention to their comfort and convenient access to their vehicles throughout the visit.

  • Exclusive spots for VIP ticket holders
  • Closest to main attractions
  • Enhanced convenience
  • Re-entry access throughout the day

Remember, VIP parking availability is limited. Guests must book in advance. Pricing details are available on the official Graceland website or through their customer service. Be sure to secure a spot early to add an extra level of ease to your Graceland visit.

Understanding Parking Fees

Visiting the home of Elvis Presley in Memphis calls for planning, especially with parking. The parking situation at Graceland is straightforward, with fees geared towards convenience and safety.

Fee Structure

Graceland offers ample parking space for visitors. Charge per vehicle varies:

  • Standard vehicles pay $10
  • Motorhomes pay $15
  • Buses and semi-trucks pay $30

Parking fees apply during all hours of operation. Annual pass holders receive a parking discount.

Payment Methods Accepted

Graceland caters to a smooth experience. Accepted payment methods include:

  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Cash

Prompt payment ensures quick access to parking spaces.

Seasonal Variations In Pricing

Welcome to the insightful world of ‘Seasonal Variations in Pricing’ at Graceland, where the cost of parking can influence your visit. Navigating these changes is key to planning your trip to the home of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Different seasons mean different rates, and here’s what you need to know.

Peak Season Rates

The allure of Graceland in full swing is something to behold. Peak season brings a surge of visitors, naturally leading to increased parking prices. You’ll find these rates in effect typically during:

  • Summer months when vacations are in full swing
  • Elvis Week, commemorating the King’s legacy
  • The holiday season, sparkling with celebrations

Expect the premium experience to reflect in premium rates during these bustling times.

Off-peak Discounts

In contrast, off-peak periods at Graceland paint a different picture. These times offer an opportunity for savings:

  • After the holidays when the festive fever dwindles
  • Late winter months
  • Selected weekdays

Parking prices drop, allowing you to enjoy the Graceland experience at a reduced cost. Always check for the latest rates before your visit, as they can change.

Graceland Parking Rates Overview
Peak$15-$20During high-traffic events and seasons
Off-Peak$10When visitor numbers typically fall

Special Event Parking

Graceland isn’t just the former home of Elvis Presley. It’s a hub for events that attract fans worldwide. Knowing about parking during these events is key. Let’s dive into what you need to know for a smooth experience.

Event-specific Pricing

Each event at Graceland could have different parking fees. It’s important to check the event details ahead of time. Guests can expect varied pricing:


  • Concerts may have higher rates.
  • Festivals could offer package deals.
  • Seasonal events may include parking in ticket prices.


Advanced Booking

Booking your parking spot in advance is a smart move. It ensures you have a place to park before arriving. Take advantage of:


  • Online reservation systems for peace of mind.
  • Early bird discounts on some event parking.
  • Quick entry and exit from the parking area.


Remember, spots fill up fast during special events. Book early to avoid issues on the day of the event.

Discounts And Memberships

Planning a visit to the iconic Graceland? Everyone loves saving money. Parking costs can take a bit out of your budget. But don’t you worry! There are ways to cut down on parking expenses. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from “Discounts and Memberships” available at Graceland.

Aaa Discounts

Are you a AAA member? Good news! Show your valid AAA card and enjoy a special discount on Graceland parking fees. AAA members have perks that include savings on parking prices. This deal is available year-round. Lock in your savings by presenting your membership card.

Graceland Insiders Membership

True Elvis fans, pay attention! The Graceland Insiders Membership offers a range of benefits. Members get discounts on not just merchandise but parking too. As a Graceland Insider, here’s what you can expect:

  • Exclusive savings on parking every visit
  • 10% discount on Graceland tours
  • Members-only perks throughout the year

Join the club and make your Graceland experience unforgettable without the heavy parking price tag.

Accessibility At Graceland Parking

Graceland, the iconic home of Elvis Presley, welcomes all visitors with parking needs. Accessibility at Graceland Parking ensures everyone has a stress-free and comfortable experience. With easy access and services, exploring the King’s castle is a breeze for people with disabilities.

Ada Compliant Spaces

Graceland is proud to offer ADA-compliant parking spaces. These spots are close to entrances, making visits smoother for those with mobility needs. There is clear signage marking these areas. They are wide enough for vehicles equipped with wheelchair lifts.

LocationNumber of SpacesAdditional Features
Main LotMultipleClose to Visitor Center
Shuttle AreaLimitedEasy shuttle access

Please display your ADA placard or license plate to use these spaces. If assistance is required, Graceland staff is available to help.

Assistance Services

Parking at Graceland extends beyond spaces. Assistance services are at hand for an enjoyable visit.

  • Wheelchair Accessible Shuttles: Shuttles suited for wheelchairs connect parking to Graceland.
  • Guest Services Staff: Staff members are ready to assist throughout Graceland.
  • Rental Wheelchairs: Available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Guest Services.

Alternative Parking Options

Visiting Graceland is an unforgettable journey into the life of Elvis Presley. But before stepping into The King’s legendary home, securing a parking spot is crucial. Below, explore parking alternatives to ease your Graceland visit.

Nearby Parking

Finding a spot for your car can be easy with nearby options. Explore the surroundings for affordable and convenient locations. Remember, these spots fill up fast, so arrive early!

  • Private lots offer paid parking near Graceland.
  • Street parking might be available, check local signs.

Local businesses sometimes allow parking. Ensure to ask for permission and check for restrictions.

Public Transport Alternatives

Public transport provides a stress-free way to reach Graceland. Save money and avoid parking hassles with these options:

  • Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) offers bus services to Graceland.
  • Ride-sharing options like Uber or Lyft drop visitors at the entrance.
  • Taxis are a convenient, though more costly, alternative.

Check MATA schedules to plan your trip. Always confirm the fare before starting your journey on ride-sharing or taxis.

Tips For Visiting Graceland

Visitors to Graceland, the iconic home of Elvis Presley, often wonder about parking logistics. Parking at Graceland is both convenient and accessible. Before heading to this legendary landmark, consider these essential tips to make your visit as smooth as possible.

Best Times To Visit Graceland

Timing is key for a memorable trip to Graceland. To avoid large crowds, consider these suggestions:

  • Weekday mornings are less crowded than afternoons.
  • Early spring and late fall see fewer tourists.
  • Special events such as Elvis Week can be busier.

Check Graceland’s calendar for event schedules before your trip.

Extended Stay Parking

For those staying several days, Graceland’s extended parking options are ideal:

Parking DurationCost
OvernightVaries by season
Multiple daysBundle packages available

Contact Graceland in advance for availability and rates.


Parking at Graceland offers options to fit every visitor’s needs, without breaking the bank. Whether you’re coming for a quick trip or a full-day excursion, the variety of parking fees ensures that your visit to Elvis’s iconic home is convenient and stress-free.

Remember to check the latest rates before your journey, as these can vary seasonally. Safe travels and enjoy your time at the King’s castle!

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