How Much is Parking at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas?

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How Much is Parking at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas provides free parking for guests and charges non-camping guests varying fees. There is a likelihood of paying for the hotel’s valet services.

Planet Hollywood, ideally situated at the center of the Las Vegas Strip, is more than a spot to rest. Other than offers suites inspired by celebrities, the hotel is an entertainment, dining, and gaming powerhouse appealing to millions of tourists and locals annually. Parking, on the other hand, may significantly influence your visit since this is one of the most famous locations in the world.

Whether you visit the casino to play blackjack or watch a concert at the Zappos Theater or go for shopping at the Miracle Mile Shops, the ease of parking is a significant advantage. When it comes to enjoying quick access to a hotel’s amenities, it is necessary to remember that thinking about the parking possibilities ahead can save both money and time.

Introduction To Parking At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

People visit Planet Hollywood Las Vegas for fun, shopping, or grabbing a meal. The easy parking arrangement is part of the experience, and no one wants to experience otherwise. Here are some costs and suggestions about this tourism epicenter’s parking.

The Allure Of Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood’s theme and view are breathtaking. It is embellished with familiar memorabilia and live shows. This resort is the centripetal force to the Strip, and it draws millions.

The Importance Of Parking Convenience

The parking system makes it easy for visitors to kick off their adventure. Easy parking means more fun for you; more time to enjoy what Planet Hollywood has to offer. Here is a breakdown of the parking fees and the suggestions.

Parking Options Available

In other words, it is exciting to get to know the dazzling Las Vegas Strip, and comfort is guaranteed from the very beginning – find out what options the guests of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas have.

Self-parking Facilities

Self-parking is suitable for those who value freedom of action. Planet Hollywood’s parking garage is not overcrowded and is available around the clock. You can quickly get to the casino, hotel, and the most stylish entertainment venues from here.

Duration of ParkingRate
First HourComplimentary
1 – 4 HoursVariable rate
4+ HoursHigher variable rate
OvernightFixed rate

However, the cost of self-parking depends on several factors, and here’s an attractive option: people who become members of the hotel’s Loyalty Program can park for free or at a reduced price.

Valet Parking Services

Finally, make a more hassle-free experience with valet parking that promotes easy vehicle handling. It is best for both those who prefer comfort or have heavy luggage to carry or those who wish to start their Vegas excursion immediately. The costs of utilizing this parking are based on the following rate structure at the main entrance:

  • Up to 2 Hours: Moderate fee
  • 2 – 4 Hours: Increased fee
  • 4+ Hours: Premium fee

However, keep in mind the prices for self-parking and valeting may change when it comes to the peak seasons or other occasions. It is better to consult the current fees with Planet Hollywood Las Vegas itself to have the up-to-date information.

Cost Of Parking At Planet Hollywood

Many people who visit Planet Hollywood Las Vegas are interested in the parking rates. Fortunately, the resort offers many parking options. You can self-park or use valet parking, depending on what you prefer. Let us examine the following parking to have the best visit.

Self-parking Rates

All the parking fees can vary at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. Check below for self-parking rates:

First hourFree
1 – 4 hours$12
4 – 24 hours$15
Each additional day$15

Additionally, self-parking is free of charge for hotel guests. Finally, keep in mind that all rates might be subject to change. Therefore, it would be a good idea to verify the latest rates upon your arrival.

Valet Parking Charges

For those preferring extra convenience, valet parking is available. Review the current charges below:

  • Up to 2 hours: $21
  • 2 – 4 hours: $24
  • 4 – 24 hours: $30
  • Each additional day: $30

Note, valet parking continues to be free for certain members. This includes Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars members of the Caesars Rewards program. Confirm eligibility upon entry.

Comparing Costs With Nearby Venues

Comparing costs with nearby venues is vital for travelers planning their Las Vegas adventure. Whether you’re spending the day at Planet Hollywood or exploring nearby attractions, parking fees can add up. Being aware of the parking rates not only helps budget your trip but also allows you to make the best choices for your parking needs. Let’s delve into the cost comparison between Planet Hollywood and its neighboring venues.

Self-parking Cost Comparison

Planet Hollywood offers the convenience of self-parking, but how does this cost stand up against others? Below is a quick comparison:

Location0-1 Hour1-4 Hours4-24 Hours
Planet HollywoodFree$12$15
The CosmopolitanFree$15$10
Paris Las VegasFree$15$10

In comparison, Planet Hollywood’s self-parking emerges as a pocket-friendly option, especially for those planning longer stays.

Valet Parking Cost Comparison

For those seeking the luxury of valet parking, how does Planet Hollywood stack up?

Location0-4 Hours4-24 Hours
Planet Hollywood$20$25
The Cosmopolitan$20$25
Paris Las Vegas$24$30

In the luxury valet parking space, Planet Hollywood remains competitive, offering rate comparable to The Cosmopolitan and lower than Paris Las Vegas and Bellagio.

How To Save On Parking Fees

Visiting Planet Hollywood Las Vegas dazzles with star-studded events, shopping, and dining. Yet, parking fees can add an unexpected cost to your experience. Fear not, savvy traveler. Smart planning and a few tips can unlock parking savings, letting you splurge elsewhere. Below are insider strategies to park economically at this iconic destination.

Parking Promotions

Promotions are a win for both your wallet and your time. Keep an eye on Planet Hollywood’s official website and social media channels. They often announce discounted or even free parking opportunities, especially during special events or off-peak seasons.

  • Follow Planet Hollywood on Twitter and Facebook for updates.
  • Check local Las Vegas forums and deal sites for ad-hoc promotions.
  • Stay at the resort to possibly receive a parking pass as part of your room deal.

Membership And Loyalty Programs

Joining a membership program can lead to parking perks. Planet Hollywood’s parent company offers a rewards program that includes parking benefits. Regular visitors or those planning multiple stays could benefit significantly from such programs.

Loyalty ProgramPerk
Caesars RewardsDiscounted or Free Parking
Total Rewards Credit CardFree Parking with Card Use

Register online or at the resort’s customer service to start earning points. Remember, with reward points, you are not just saving on parking. You can also unlock room upgrades, dining credits, and show tickets. Always present your membership card when participating in activities within the resort.

Understanding The Peak Hours

Understanding the Peak Hours at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is crucial for visitors who are planning their trip. Parking rates can vary depending on the time and day of the week. It’s essential to know when these peak hours fall to budget accordingly and avoid surprises. A well-planned visit could mean saving dollars and a smoother parking experience. Let’s dive into the details of peak hours and pricing and how to dodge those rush times for better rates.

Peak Hours And Pricing

Parking rates are subject to change during high-demand periods.

Day of the WeekPeak HoursRate
Monday – ThursdayEveningsIncreased rates
Friday – SundayAfternoons and EveningsHighest rates
Special EventsEvent TimesVariable rates

Remember, these times are the busiest.

Avoiding Peak Hours For Better Rates

To enjoy better parking rates, consider these tips:

  • Plan your visit during weekdays.
  • Arrive in the morning hours.
  • Stay updated on event schedules.

These strategies can help secure lower rates.

Parking Tips For Planet Hollywood Visitors

Visitors flock to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas for its vibrant atmosphere and central location. Understanding the parking situation at this bustling spot is key. In this guide, we share practical tips to make your visit smoother. From the best times to park to tips on maneuvering the parking facility, we’ve got you covered.

Best Times To Park

Parking can be a breeze with a bit of planning. Early mornings and late evenings offer the best chances to find an open spot without hassle. Avoid peak dining and show times, typically between 6 PM and 9 PM.

Time FrameParking Availability
Early MorningsHigh
Afternoon/Early EveningModerate
Dinner Hours (6-9 PM)Low
Late EveningsHigh

Navigating The Parking Facility

Familiarizing yourself with the layout ahead of time helps. The parking garage at Planet Hollywood has clear signage directing visitors. Remember, the garage is multi-level with elevators and stairs providing access to the casino.

  • Enter from Harmon Avenue, which usually faces less congestion.
  • Take note of the color-coded sections to find your car easily later.
  • Spot “Valet” signs if you prefer not to self-park.
  • The first floor fills up quickly; consider upper levels for more spots.

Alternative Transportation Options

Heading to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas doesn’t always need a parking spot. Multiple transport options can save you money and hassle. Let’s explore some popular choices for visitors.

Public Transport To Planet Hollywood

Public transport is a wallet-friendly choice. You can get to Planet Hollywood using the following options:

  • The Deuce: This bus runs along the Las Vegas strip 24/7.
  • SDX: The Strip & Downtown Express offers a quicker ride with fewer stops.
  • RTC Transit: Connects to multiple routes for wider access.

A bus ride can be part of the Vegas experience. You’ll see sights and save money.

Ride-sharing And Taxis

If time is tight, ride-sharing or taxis could be your go-to. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect:

Ride OptionBenefits
Ride-Sharing (Uber/Lyft)Convenient app use, no cash needed, various car types available.
TaxisReadily available, knowledgeable local drivers, flat-rate fares to some destinations.

Both options pick up from designated spots. They can be quicker than buses, especially during peak times.

Future Of Parking At Planet Hollywood

Visitors often wonder about parking at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. Parking options are evolving. New technologies and pricing schemes are on the horizon.

Emerging Technologies

Planet Hollywood’s parking future shines with tech advancements. Soon, visitors may see:

  • Automated parking systems guiding you to open spots.
  • Mobile app integration for space reservation and payment.
  • Smart sensors for real-time availability updates.

These technologies aim for a streamlined parking experience.

Potential Changes In Pricing

Parking rates at Planet Hollywood could shift. Here’s what might change:

TimeCurrent RatePredicted Rate
1-4 hours$12$15
4-24 hours$15$20

Dynamic pricing could also be introduced, changing rates based on demand.


Wrapping up, parking at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is both convenient and affordable. Options range from valet services to free self-parking for hotel guests. Next time you’re planning your Vegas trip, remember these parking insights to save time and money.

Enjoy the entertainment without the parking hassle!

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