How Long is the Flight from Gatwick to Hurghada?

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How Long Is The Flight From Gatwick To Hurghada

The flight from Gatwick to Hurghada typically takes around 5 hours and 30 minutes. This direct flight covers a distance of approximately 2,400 miles.

Planning a trip from London Gatwick Airport to the stunning resorts of Hurghada? You’re in for a fairly swift journey, slicing through the skies over Europe and the Mediterranean to the warm Egyptian coast. A direct flight to Hurghada from Gatwick is the quickest way to swap the bustling city for sun-kissed beaches and a crystal-clear sea.

Airlines frequently offer this route, enabling travelers to embark on their Egyptian adventures with ease. Prepare to delve into the marvels of the Red Sea, explore coral reefs, and bask in the golden sunshine with just a short flight separating you from this vacation paradise. Get ready to pack your sunscreen and head to an oasis of relaxation with minimal time spent in the air.

Flight Duration From Gatwick To Hurghada

Planning a trip to Hurghada? The flight time from Gatwick can vary. The journey can be exciting. Knowing the flight duration helps in planning. Sun seekers and adventure lovers often wonder: How long is the flight from Gatwick to Hurghada? Let’s explore this question.

Typical Flight Times

Direct flights from Gatwick to Hurghada usually take around approximately 5 to 6 hours. These are the times:

  • Shortest direct flight: About 5 hours
  • Longest direct flight: Up to 6 hours

It is swift and convenient. This time is for direct flights. Flights with stops can take longer.

Factors Affecting Duration

Several factors can change flight times. Let’s look at what can make a difference.

Wind SpeedsTailwinds shorten flights, headwinds extend them.
Air TrafficBusy skies may lead to longer travel times.
Air RouteDifferent paths can change the distance.
Aircraft TypeSome planes fly faster than others.
LayoversAdded wait times if the flight’s not direct.

Check with airlines for the most current flight info. Plan for these possible changes.

Pre-flight Considerations At Gatwick Airport

Welcome to your comprehensive guide for flying from Gatwick Airport to Hurghada. The journey to an exotic destination like Hurghada starts well before the plane takes off. Understanding the pre-flight considerations at Gatwick Airport ensures a smooth start to your adventure. Let’s dive into what you need to know.

Check-in And Security

Starting your journey on the right foot involves familiarizing yourself with the check-in and security process at Gatwick.

  • Online Check-in: Open 24 to 48 hours before your flight, saving time at the airport.
  • Airport Check-in: Arrive 3 hours before departure to avoid any last-minute rush.

At security, having your liquids and electronics ready for inspection speeds up the process. Remember the following:

Not more than 100ml per itemEasy to remove from bags

Ensure you’re not carrying prohibited items to avoid delays. Wear easily removable shoes and coats for quicker screening.

Gate Arrangements And Boarding

Gate information appears on screens well before your flight. Stay alert for updates.

  1. Check departure screens regularly.
  2. Reach your gate at least 30 minutes prior to departure.
  3. Have your boarding pass and passport in hand.

Gatwick Airport has clear signs to guide you. Follow them to your boarding gate. Remember, gates can change, so keep an eye on live information. Families and passengers with additional needs can request assistance for a seamless boarding process.

Aboard The Flight To Hurghada

Welcome aboard the journey from Gatwick to Hurghada! Whether you’re heading out for a vacation or a business trip, knowing what to expect in the air is just as important as what awaits at your destination. Let’s explore the amenities and considerations that make your flight as smooth as a Nile cruise.

In-flight Services

Comfort and entertainment await you in the skies. As the plane taxis down the runway, a world of in-flight services unfolds. Your flying experience includes:

  • Meals: Enjoy tasty cuisine designed to suit your palate.
  • Entertainment: Browse movies, games, and music for all ages.
  • Connectivity: Stay online with Wi-Fi options (where available).
  • Comfort: Relax with complimentary blankets and pillows.

Time Zone Adjustments

As we soar above continents, time bends to our flight path. Egypt is two hours ahead of the United Kingdom. Here’s a quick guide for adjusting:

Gatwick TimeHurghada TimeActivity
10:00 AM12:00 PMFlight Departure
2:00 PM4:00 PMLunch Service
5:00 PM7:00 PMPre-landing Briefing

Set your watch to Hurghada time as you board, so you can sync with local time before arrival.

Arrival At Hurghada

Welcome to the enchanting city of Hurghada! After a flight from Gatwick, your journey leads you to this vibrant destination. Known for its spectacular coral reefs and turquoise waters, Hurghada is an Egyptian paradise waiting for you to explore. Touching down at Hurghada International Airport, you’re about to embark on your Egyptian adventure.

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Airport Procedures

Upon landing at Hurghada International Airport, it’s essential to follow the local customs and immigration protocols. Have your travel documents ready, including a valid passport and any required visas. After exiting the plane, you’ll be guided towards the baggage reclaim area. Collect your bags and move towards customs clearance.

Transportation Options From The Airport

Once you have cleared customs and stepped outside the airport, a variety of transportation options are available to take you to your final destination. Here are your main options:

  • Taxis: Available directly outside of the terminal, offering a quick and convenient ride to your hotel. Fixed-rate or metered, ensure the fare before departing.
  • Shuttle Services: Many resorts offer airport shuttles. Check with your accommodation ahead of time.
  • Car Rentals: Various rental agencies operate at the airport if you prefer driving yourself.
  • Public Transport: Cheaper options such as buses are available but have limited schedules and stops.

Maximizing Comfort And Efficiency

Planning a flight from Gatwick to Hurghada often raises questions about duration and comfort. The trip lasts roughly 5-6 hours, depending on direct routes and winds. For travelers, making the flight enjoyable and efficient is crucial. Let’s explore how to ensure a comfortable journey.

Choosing The Right Airline

Not all airlines offer the same experience. Key factors to consider include legroom, service quality, and entertainment options. Research airlines that provide flights to Hurghada from Gatwick. Look for recent reviews and ratings. Find out what amenities are available onboard. A good start often leads to a pleasant journey.

  • Compare airlines based on comfort and services.
  • Check for extra legroom options.
  • Read passenger feedback for real insights.
  • Consider premium economy for greater comfort.

Tips For A Smooth Journey

To ensure a smooth flight, facts like timing and packing smart matter. Try booking a flight that aligns with your sleep pattern. This adjustment helps in reducing jet lag. Remember to pack essentials in your hand luggage.

Select the right seatWindow for sleep. Aisle for easy access.
Wear comfortable clothesLoose clothing can make the flight more pleasant.
Stay hydratedDrink water regularly to avoid dehydration.
Bring entertainmentBooks, music or games can help pass the time.
  1. Charge your devices before flying.
  2. Pack a neck pillow for extra support.
  3. Have snacks handy for energy boosts.


Planning your trip from Gatwick to Hurghada is now clearer with the flight duration details in mind. Expect a journey of about five to six hours, depending on direct routes and wind conditions. Embrace the adventure that awaits in Egypt’s sun-drenched Hurghada—a traveler’s delight promising endless sea and sand.

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