Best 20 Things to Do in London [Bucket List]

Melanie Haiken

Coming to London for the very first time? Short on time and don’t know what you want to check out? I’ve got you covered! As someone who has visited this city already five times and counting, I can tell you that London is an absolute treasure. This world is an amalgam of infinite possibilities and it never ceases to amaze me.

Top Things to Do in London

1. Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

First time in London? The father of all English landmarks (no trip to England would be complete without seeing Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament!). Be there on the hour to hear the legendary bell chime. This is a must-do when you are in London.

2. Red Telephone Booth (Photo STOP)

The iconic red phone booths are ubiquitous all over the UK. You really cannot call it a trip to London without hitting the pub. You will see these with the best backdrops around Houses of Parliament in every corner of the city.

3. Experience the London Eye

From Big Ben, head to the London Eye while you’re still the area. Although I’m not a fan of the ride (long wait times) this iconic structure is a must-see! It is located near the Houses of Parliament and is one of the tourist attractions on the London landscape.

4. Piccadilly Circus

1 Honestly, Piccadilly Circus is known as one of the busiest intersections in the world. The site is well known for its unique architecture, bright billboards and the Eros statue in the square’s centre. This place where every year coming tourists to photograph this most postcard scene.

6. Walk the Notting Hill Streets

The colorful pastel houses, cute shops, and Instagram-worthy pubs so that the charm look like it were from a movie. Notting Hill is simply an Instagram fantasy-created reality. This upscale district of the city is home to a perfectly lovely London walk on a sunny afternoon.

7. Peggy Porschen

Sticking with the pastel theme, pop by the lovely pink bake shop Peggy Porschen for sugary sweet delights. It was Halloween time when I took a visit, and the shop had some nice decorations in it- they added fresh foliage and fall touches everywhere even though the show is shot in winter as well; Love that they did light stenciled coffees as well. It is a sweet stop for anyone who loves to treat themselves!

8. Afternoon Tea at Saint Aymes

Afternoon tea is obligatory while in London. Saint Aymes – With recommended clothing and a flower storefront No doubt I am in love with cafes! We had an English tea, glitter waffles, and a unicorn latte which made our morning complete (in the magical sense).

9. London Street Shopping: Oxford, Regent, and Carnaby

Oxford, Regent, and Carnaby Streets are London’s four primary shopping streets situated conveniently to explore leisurely around on foot for a day. Oxford hosts all the trendy shops such as Topshop and Selfridges and several other outlets, while Bond and Regent Streets house highly discerning designer boutiques in upscale stores.

Carnaby boasts a more rustic quality and has a variety of independent brands on display in shops such as Topshop and Selfridges. The best time to go shopping in London is just before the holidays when London turns into a winter wonderland for Christmas.

10. Liberty Shopping

Right in the center of the vibrant shopping district of London lies a hidden gem of shopping called Liberty. This shopping haven is a historical Tudor-style building that offers glamour, immaculate class, and a choice selection of anything from top-end to low-end. Liberty is quite the beauty when setting foot outside the first time, feeling the charm of being drawn inside.

The center is ideal for individuals looking to seek and buy unique finds. Its slightly intricate interior with stocked shelves and grand finds strung around the four corners is appealing to anyone in window shopping. The experience gets better during the holiday season when Christmas hits the streets and stores. It is always a dreamy shopping destination for someone looking to get the beyond-ordinary find.

From the rich glamour to the filled shelves, Liberty is a home for the most exceptional finds in London’s shopping. Experience the elegance of Liberty blended with a historical touch to match the modern-day feel.

11. Harrods Shopping

Harrods is a massive luxury shopping destination located right in the middle of London. The experience of shopping here is a perception of luxury, as everything sold in the store is top-notch full of trendy designer wear and other adornments.

When you walk into Harrods, you can see the luxuriousness that they wish to convey to their guests. Feel free to shop around the numerous floors, exploring not only the lovely fashion available but also stopping for great food offerings at the Ice Cream Shop, Tea Room, and more all within the same building.

The second floor, and Harrods gift shop, should not to be missed for a lasting memory. This is where massive, carefully curated collections offer all the novelties needed to help each and every passer-by find what they never knew they were looking for.

Your latest high-fashion crush? Whether they have a sweet tooth or are just in need of some downtime, Harrods will take them on an unforgettable shopping experience like no other.

12. Discovering Covent Garden: Food, Culture & More

One of the most popular areas in London is Covent Garden which is famous for its bustling collection of restaurants, bars, markets, and boutiques. A great foodie haven wants to bask in some seriously urban action.

Covent Garden is a place where you need to go even if only for lunch or dinner, and with time. The streets are full of stalls, eateries and cafes making it a perfect place to grab some snacks or have lunch with the fast-moving vibe.

These street performers and singers are the charms of Covent Garden – a performing artist in the midst of an opera at Covent Garden. The neighborhood has a provenance that always seems like it’s from Reynolds Price’s first novel.

Whether it’s market hopping for one-of-a-kind treasures, eating your way around the many local bites or just taking in the lively street performance and culture – Covent Garden truly guarantees a gastronomic Mecca rolled into an experience you won’t get elsewhere.

13. Food and Alcohol Tour at Chinatown & Soho

Whenever I am even in London, a day out to Chinatown items me with nice meals and ready-made glass. When it comes to cities with bustling streets like Bangkok or the spacious blocks of New York, London’s Chinatown is not quite in their league but still has its own charm. Soho — The area just next to Chinatown and is known as the nightlife district in London.

It is home to some of the best eateries in London, as well as some of the most exclusive bars and clubs in the UK capital. Head to the Experimental Cocktail Club for evenings you may not remember, in the basement down a disguise-Chinatown frontage – but its booze is something to behold.

14. The Breakfast Club: One Bite Here and You’re Hooked.

The Breakfast Club, SohoIt’s something of a hipster diner experience with an American-style breakfast offering at one of London’s most quirky cafes in Soho. The line to enter is generally long and may intimidate you at first, but it is unquestionably worth the time spent waiting in line. Get there early You want to minimize the amount of time you spend standing outside this iconic, bright yellow building waiting for a table inside.

On my visit, I chose the pancakes, which were truly out of this world. The memory of buttercream and fresh fruit, the novelty in a national cuisine of purees, still lingers on as the fluttering relic of a meal.

15. Sky High Just Nighttime Cocktails – The Shard

The Shard is now the tallest structure in the UK, meaning you can expect views that are literally higher than you could imagine. The lounge is lovely in the evening and it is a must-drink on the pretty nocturnal London panorama.

You can relax, take in the view of the city, and enjoy a refreshing cocktail all complimentary with access to the lounge.

16. Strolling the Tower Bridge at Night: London Lucent

One of my favorite things to do when I am visiting London is take a slow, night-time stroll over the Tower Bridge. It was such a magical feeling, walking next to the glowing waters where the city lights above reflected on.

The Tower Bridge also makes for great nighttime views in London, making it an ideal destination to relax and take in the sights of the city as the night falls.

17. The Tower of London: A Sneak Peek into the Royal Past

The Tower of London is more than a castle; it is also home to the prestigious Crown Jewels of Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family. An absolute must-see for first-time visitors in London, the historic castle is also filled with stories.

Aside from the chance to ogle some royal rocks, you can also meet the famous Beefeater guards and take a stroll along the castle’s ancient ramparts, every footstep echoing with hundreds of years of royalty -and scandal.

18. The Art of Pink Dining Experience at Sketch

Sketch London is probably the pink-colored dining spot that has filled your Instagram and Pinterest accounts for some time! With chevron tiles to plush pink velvet chairs and a sparkling bar, it is a charming pink wonderland from wall to wall.

And the bathrooms – love those egg-shaped stalls! Kudos to whoever thought of this, they turned a potty break into a fun-filled time you’ll never forget. I was hooked – snapping more photos in a bathroom than I ever thought possible. Gallery Room comes out on top as the most booked room (and for good reason, it’s pink!) so be sure to reserve your spot!

19. Dalloway Terrace: An Instagram Lover Paradise

If you want somewhere that has literally been created with those Instagram likes and follows in mind, then Dalloway Terrace is your one. Castle Country is an interior #interirorgoals haven, where vines hang along pretty brick walls. Sweaters over the back of your chair for crisp autumn days, this café is like a hug.

To start: the most luxurious coffee and sweet treats. I devoured a filled to the brim with fruity goodness while enjoying my beautiful surroundings.

20. Reviewed: Bob Bob Ricard – Glamorous and Gastronomic Indulgence

The appeal may be the famous Press For Champagne buzzer or the plush pink interiors, but Bob Bob Ricard screams class for that perfect social evening. Best of all, I have to admit that I am head over heels in love with the Press For Champagne buzzer – it is so fun that I am seriously thinking about getting one next to my bed at home!

And before you exit the doors, be sure to try their fiery brulè that is lit up, especially for you. It’s a gastronomic gesture that adds to the charm of this trendy and lively venue

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