How Far is Long Beach California?

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How Far is Long Beach California

Long Beach, California, is approximately 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Nestled on the Pacific coast, it serves as a major hub for maritime commerce and beach culture.

Long Beach offers a unique blend of urban charm and seaside allure, marked by its bustling port, diverse population, and a climate that is amenable to a variety of outdoor activities year-round. As the seventh most populous city in California, Long Beach presents a dynamic array of attractions ranging from the historic Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific to thriving arts and cultural scenes.

Its proximity to LA provides convenient access to the broader Southern California region, making it an ideal spot for tourists and residents seeking both the relaxed beach lifestyle and the perks of a major city.

Journey To Long Beach, California

Welcome to your coastal adventure as you embark on a thrilling journey to Long Beach, California. With its stunning ocean views and vibrant urban scene, this destination promises an experience like no other. Pack your bags and let’s discover the different ways to reach this iconic seaside city from various corners of the United States.

Starting Points Across The Usa

Long Beach lies as a gem on the California coast, inviting explorers from every state. From the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Oregon, the starting points span a diverse palette.

  • New York City: Experience a coast-to-coast adventure from the Big Apple.
  • Miami: Swap the Atlantic breeze for Pacific waves on a journey from the Magic City.
  • Chicago: Traverse from the Windy City’s urban jungle to sandy California shores.
  • Seattle: Discover the scenic transition from Pacific Northwest greenery to SoCal beaches.

Mapping The Routes

Determining the best path to Long Beach depends on your starting location and travel preferences.

FromMiles to Long BeachPreferred Transport Mode
New York City~2,800 milesFlight or Road Trip
Miami~2,700 milesFlight
Chicago~2,000 milesRoad Trip or Train
Seattle~1,150 milesFlight or Road Trip

Let’s take a closer look at the routes:

  1. Planes: Reach new heights with a flight, the fastest way to Long Beach.
  2. Trains: Enjoy scenic views riding the rails towards the California coast.
  3. Automobiles: Take control with a classic road trip, exploring America at your own pace.

Choose your adventure and start the engines for an unforgettable escape to Long Beach, California.

Air Travel To Long Beach

Exploring the skies on your way to Long Beach, California, promises an exciting start to your coastal adventure. Long Beach offers easy accessibility via air for travelers seeking a blend of urban and beach experiences. Whether flying directly or connecting through major hubs, the city is well-connected, making it a breeze for visitors worldwide to arrive at this vibrant destination.

Major Connecting Airports

Accessing Long Beach via air often involves a stop at one of several major airports. These airports act as gateways to Long Beach:

  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – Just 22 miles from Long Beach
  • John Wayne Airport (SNA) – Roughly 23 miles away
  • Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) – Located approximately 42 miles north

These airports offer numerous connections and are equipped with a range of amenities to cater to travelers.

Flight Durations And Frequencies

Regular flights from key cities keep Long Beach well-connected. Common flight durations to major airports near Long Beach:

New York6 hrs6 hrs 15 mins6 hrs 30 mins
Chicago4 hrs 30 mins4 hrs 45 mins5 hrs
Seattle2 hrs 45 mins3 hrs3 hrs 15 mins

Flight frequencies will depend on the season, with summer and holidays seeing more flights. During these times, airlines offer more options to cater to the increased demand.

Road Tripping To Long Beach

Long Beach, California, beckons with its golden sunsets and cool ocean breezes. A place brimming with vibrant life and activities. Subjects your senses to a feast of nature and culture. For road trip enthusiasts, getting to this coastal haven takes more than desire. It demands a detailed look at the roadmap. Explore the tapestry of highways and byways en route to Long Beach. Revel in the journey as much as the destination.

Interstate Highways And Road Networks

Long Beach’s accessibility is unmatched thanks to an extensive grid of highways. Major interstates link travelers to this urban oasis. Routes such as the I-405, I-605, and the renowned Route 1, add ease to navigation. Table 1 below highlights key highways for a smooth drive to Long Beach.

HighwayDirectionConnecting From
I-405North/SouthGreater Los Angeles Area
I-605North/SouthSan Gabriel Valley
Route 1North/SouthCoastal Cities

Scenic Routes And Road Conditions

The journey to Long Beach offers more than a simple drive. It presents opportunities to witness breathtaking views. The Pacific Coast Highway guides you through stunning beachfront vistas and rolling hills. Prepare your camera to capture the exquisite California coast. Note local road conditions with an interactive map or a quick online search before departure. This ensures the smoothest possible excursion.

  • Pacific Coast Highway: Ocean views, occasional traffic.
  • Vincent Thomas Bridge: Stretches over the port with a panoramic view of the ocean.
  • Palos Verdes Drive: Offers winding roads with cliff-side ocean views.

Train Routes To The Shore

Discover the scenic path to Long Beach, California by train! Embrace the convenience of rails as you journey towards the sun-kissed shores. Whether for work or leisure, find out the best train routes that will deliver you straight to the heart of this coastal paradise.

Amtrak And Regional Rail Services

Amtrak leads the way in connecting travelers to Long Beach with comfort and efficiency. The nearest Amtrak station is in Los Angeles, from where you can connect to Long Beach via regional services. Metrolink and Los Angeles County Metro offer frequent trains to various parts of Long Beach. Explore options like:

  • Metrolink’s Orange County Line for access to nearby stations
  • LA Metro’s Blue Line for a direct ride to downtown Long Beach

Travel Times By Train

Time is precious, especially when you’re eager to dip your toes in the sand. Here are typical travel times:

Starting PointServiceDuration
Los Angeles Union StationMetrolink + MetroApprox. 1 hour
San DiegoAmtrak + MetroApprox. 2.5 hours
Santa AnaMetrolinkApprox. 1 hour

These train schedules are designed to maximize your beach time. Remember, specific travel times can vary, so always check the latest schedules before planning your trip.

Long Beach By Sea

Long Beach offers a coastal escape into the Pacific blue. Adventures begin right off the shores of this vibrant city. Whether visiting from across the ocean or taking a day trip, Long Beach welcomes sea travelers with open arms.

Cruise Arrivals And Ferry Services

Cruise ships and ferries glide into Long Beach daily. These vessels connect distant ports to Long Beach’s bustling piers.

  • Carnival Cruise Line anchors here, offering voyages to Mexico and beyond.
  • Catalina Express ferries whisk you to Catalina Island for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Port Of Long Beach: An Introduction

The Port of Long Beach is a gateway for commerce and cruises.

RankSecond-busiest port in the US
ActivitiesShipping, Cruises, Sightseeing Tours

Visitors marvel at massive container ships and commanding cranes. Sightseers embark on harbor tours to witness sea life and freight operations.

Calculating Distances

Exploring Long Beach, California, sparks excitement and curiosity about the journey. Whether planning a road trip or booking a flight, understanding the distance from your location is crucial. Let’s dive into how to calculate the exact miles between Long Beach and other prominent cities.

Mileage Charts From Key Cities

Curious about the proximity of Long Beach to major urban hubs? A mileage chart is your best friend. It offers a quick reference to the distance between cities. Below is a snapshot of Long Beach’s distance from key locations.

CityDistance to Long Beach (Miles)
Los Angeles, CA24
San Diego, CA108
San Francisco, CA404
Las Vegas, NV266
Phoenix, AZ372

Distance Calculators And Apps

Beyond charts, numerous online tools and apps can offer precise distance measurements. They calculate routes considering current road conditions and traffic. Here is a list of the tools travelers find helpful:

  • Google Maps: Offers real-time traffic updates and route options.
  • MapQuest: Provides detailed driving directions and estimated travel time.
  • Waze: Community-driven app that shares insights on the best travel routes.
  • Rome2rio: Displays various travel options including public transport, driving, and walking.

Utilizing these apps ensures you find the most efficient path to Long Beach, no matter your starting point.

Accommodating All Budgets

Long Beach, California welcomes visitors from all walks of life, where the sun kisses the horizon and budget is no barrier to the enjoyment on offer. Whether pockets jingle with modest coins or brim with platinum cards, this vibrant city by the sea caters to every type of traveler.

Economical Travel Options

Exploring Long Beach doesn’t have to empty the wallet. Economic travel options are plenty, paving the way for memorable experiences without a hefty price tag.

  • Public Transportation – Affordable buses and shuttles traverse the entire city.
  • Bike Rentals – Cycle paths line the shore, perfect for budget-friendly explorations.
  • Hostel Stays – Comfortable, communal lodging keeps the stay cheap and social.

Luxurious Travel Packages

Those seeking the finer things can indulge in luxury travel packages. Long Beach’s upscale offerings provide splendour and exclusive experiences.

ServiceDescriptionEst. Price Range
Private Yacht ToursSail the Pacific with a personal crew.$$$
5-Star AccommodationsOpulent hotels offer top-tier amenities.$$$-$$$$
Helicopter RidesView the coastline from the skies.$$$$

Before You Set Sail

Embarking on a journey to Long Beach, California, promises an array of captivating experiences whether you’re planning to luxuriate in its urban vibes, explore its historic landmarks, or simply relish the warm sunsets by the sea. Before you set sail for this coastal gem, it’s essential to consider a few key elements that will ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure.

Weather Considerations

Long Beach boasts a Mediterranean climate with year-round sunshine that beckons outdoor enthusiasts and beach-goers alike. Before you depart, check the local weather forecast to help pack appropriate attire.

  • Summer months (June-August): Expect warm days ideal for beach activities. Pack light clothing, hats, and sunscreen.
  • Winter months (December-February): Cooler temperatures may require a jacket, especially at night.
  • Springs and falls are mild but can be unpredictable. Include layers to adapt to changing conditions.

Travel Documentation And Requirements

Ensuring you have the right travel documentation is critical for a hassle-free trip to Long Beach. United States residents need a valid ID for hotel check-ins and certain attractions. International visitors must carry the following:

PassportMandatory for entry into the U.S.Essential
VisaRequired for many countriesCheck if applicable
ESTAFor visa waiver program countriesMandatory for eligible travelers

Child travelers must have relevant documents too. Always double-check expiry dates and renewal requirements in advance.


Exploring the distance to Long Beach, California, unveils an array of travel possibilities. Whether by car, train, or plane, accessibility defines this coastal gem. Remember, the journey’s ease highlights Long Beach’s appeal as a top destination. Ready to pack your bags?

The city awaits, closer than you might think.

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