How Far is Long Beach from Hollywood?

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How Far is Long Beach from Hollywood

Long Beach is approximately 30 miles from Hollywood. The journey takes around 45 minutes to an hour by car, depending on traffic.

Nestled along the California coast, Long Beach offers a striking contrast to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Visitors traveling from the iconic Walk of Fame in Hollywood to the aquatic vistas of Long Beach can expect a straightforward trip through some of Los Angeles County’s most diverse neighborhoods.

This drive bridges the gap between Hollywood’s entertainment juggernauts and Long Beach’s seaside tranquility, providing tourists with a quick transition from silver screen allure to oceanfront relaxation. For those keen on exploring the sprawling LA basin, connecting these two distinctive locales is a testament to the region’s vast cultural and geographical landscape. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, commuting between Long Beach and Hollywood is a common itinerary for many Southern California adventurers.

Geographic Proximity Of Long Beach To Hollywood

The Geographic Proximity of Long Beach to Hollywood sparkles with excitement for travelers and locals alike. Nestled in Southern California, these two iconic locations define the quintessence of the golden state lifestyle. Let’s unravel their spatial relationship, as Long Beach’s coastal vibe hums a different tune to Hollywood’s glitzy melody.

Southern California’s Map Layout

Southern California’s map illustrates a splendid tapestry of beaches, cities, and entertainment hubs. With Long Beach and Hollywood as pivotal landmarks, their positions paint a picture of the region’s diverse landscape.

  • Long Beach sits on the coastline, buzzing with port activities and ocean breezes.
  • Hollywood, famous for its sign and studios, lies northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

General Distance By The Numbers

The stretch between Long Beach and Hollywood is a common query for visitors. To satisfy this curiosity, let’s look at the distance by the numbers:

Measurement TypeDistance
MilesApproximately 29 miles
KilometersAbout 47 kilometers
Travel Time by CarRoughly 40-50 minutes

The exact distance can differ based on the specific start and end points within each area. Various routes can also alter the distance slightly, making each journey unique. Whether by car, public transit, or guided tour, understanding this general distance prepares you for a pleasant Southern California adventure.

Travel Options Between Long Beach And Hollywood

Exploring Southern California means venturing from bustling urban centers to sunny coastal towns. Long Beach and Hollywood epitomize this diversity. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, understanding your travel options between these two iconic locations is crucial.

By Car: Routes And Estimated Time

The journey from Long Beach to Hollywood by car is straightforward, offering multiple routes depending on your preferences for speed or scenery. The most direct path often includes the I-710 N and I-101 N, guiding you through the heart of Los Angeles. Typical travel times can vary:

  • Without traffic: Approximately 30 to 40 minutes
  • With average traffic: Up to 1 hour
  • During peak hours: 1 hour or more

Alternative routes may take you through the scenic CA-1 N and I-405 N. Always check real-time traffic updates before heading out.

Public Transportation: What’s Available?

Relying on public transportation is both budget-friendly and eco-conscious. Options include:

ModeTransit SystemsTravel Time
BusLBT, Metro1.5 to 2 hours
TrainMetro RailApprox. 1 hour
ComboBus & RailVaries

Consult the latest schedules for the Long Beach Transit (LBT) and LA Metro services to plan efficiently. Remember to consider peak travel times and possible delays.

Traffic Patterns And Best Times To Travel

Traveling from Long Beach to Hollywood? Traffic can impact your journey. Choose the best times, and you’ll zip down the freeway. Understanding traffic flow is key. Early mornings or late evenings are usually smoother. Let’s dive into peak and off-peak hours.

Peak Traffic Hours To Avoid

Long Beach to Hollywood sees heavy traffic at certain times. Important to know. Avoid these windows:

  • Mornings: 7 AM to 9 AM, as commuters head to work.
  • Evenings: 4 PM to 7 PM, when they return home.
  • Weekends: Late afternoons can be busy too.

Streets fill up. Journeys take longer. Time lost, frustration gained.

Off-peak Hours For Quicker Commutes

Want a faster trip? Travel during off-peak hours:

DayOff-Peak MorningOff-Peak AfternoonOff-Peak Evening
WeekdaysBefore 7 AM10 AM – 3 PMAfter 7 PM
WeekendsEarly morningsMornings to early afternoonsLate evenings

Roads clearer. Drive faster. Reach Hollywood relaxed.

Mileage And Fuel Cost Considerations

The journey from Long Beach to Hollywood covers not just miles but also considerations regarding fuel costs. To plan the trip efficiently, understanding the mileage and potential fuel expenses becomes crucial. An efficient route coupled with the right vehicle can provide significant savings. Whether driving a gas guzzler or a fuel-efficient hybrid, costs can vary.

Calculating Fuel Expenses

To estimate the fuel cost for your trip from Long Beach to Hollywood, start with the total mileage. Next, divide that number by your vehicle’s miles per gallon (MPG). Finally, multiply by the current price per gallon. This calculation gives you a rough estimate of your trip’s fuel expenses:
Fuel Cost = (Distance/Miles Per Gallon) x Price Per Gallon
Remember, driving habits and road conditions can affect actual fuel consumption.

Energy-efficient Routes

Choosing the most energy-efficient route can reduce fuel costs significantly. Navigation apps identify the shortest and fastest routes, but consider these tips:

  • Avoid routes with heavy traffic.
  • Look for flat terrain over hilly areas.
  • Use cruise control on highways to maintain steady speeds.

Energy-efficient driving not only saves on fuel but also lessens environmental impact. Before embarking, research to find the best route for your journey.

Exploring The Scenic Route

Embarking on a scenic journey from Long Beach to Hollywood offers more than just a drive through bustling city streets. It is an opportunity to savor breathtaking coastal vistas and discover enchanting landmarks.

Coastal Drives: Beach Views On The Way

Travelers are treated to an array of stunning beach views along the scenic route. Starting with the tranquil shores of Long Beach, the coastal road weaves through picturesque vistas that are sure to captivate.

  • Seal Beach: Watch surfers ride the waves.
  • Huntington Beach: Soak in the vibrant beach culture.
  • Newport Beach: Glimpse luxury yachts and pristine sands.

Opt for Pacific Coast Highway, and witness the merging blues of sky and sea.

Landmarks Along The Journey

Must-Visit Landmarks on Your Trip
Queen MaryLong BeachHistoric ocean liner and museum
Rancho Los AlamitosLong BeachBeautiful gardens and historic ranch house
Griffith ObservatoryHollywoodIonic views of Los Angeles and the stars

Don’t miss the iconic Hollywood Sign, perched on the hills, as you approach your destination.

Alternative Transportation: Biking And Walking Paths

Imagine a vibrant journey from Long Beach to Hollywood without a car. Alternative transportation offers fresh air, exercise, and scenic views. Biking and walking paths allow travelers to enjoy the Southern California landscape while promoting eco-friendly travel.

Bike-friendly Paths From Long Beach To Hollywood

Long Beach boasts bike-friendly paths that cater to those looking for an adventure on two wheels. Cyclists can enjoy a mix of dedicated bike lanes, shared roads, and bike paths.

  • The Los Angeles River Bike Path makes for a serene start from Long Beach.
  • Connecting routes lead to bikeways along the coast or through the city.
  • For the safest journey, follow the recommended bike paths set by local biking communities.
Los Angeles River Bike PathScenic route along the river28 miles
Coastal Bike PathViews of the Pacific OceanVariable

Is Walking A Viable Option?

Walking from Long Beach to Hollywood is a lengthy feat. The distance spans over 25 miles, presenting a challenge for even seasoned walkers.

  1. Start with a well-planned route and itinerary.
  2. Consider public parks and resting spots along the way.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes and bring water and snacks.

While walking is less common for such distances, parks like Griffith offer trails that connect with urban walking paths for partial trips.

Insider Tips For The Journey

Planning a trip from Long Beach to Hollywood can be an exciting adventure. With every journey comes hidden gems and secret tips that can transform a simple drive into a memorable experience. Knowing insider details like the best pit stops and key navigational hints can make all the difference. Get ready to hit the road as we uncover some of the top recommendations for traversing the scenic stretch from Long Beach to Hollywood.

Best Pit Stops And Rest Areas

A well-planned pit stop can turn a routine drive into a series of delightful detours. Here are some spots worth pulling over for:

  • King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant: Treat yourself to sweet Hawaiian pastries.
  • Vista Hermosa Natural Park: Stretch your legs and enjoy stunning city views.
  • The Last Bookstore: Browse unique books in Downtown LA.

Navigational Tips For Newcomers

Navigating from Long Beach to Hollywood is a breeze with the right tips. Here are some essentials:

  1. Avoid Rush Hours: Travel before 7 AM or after 9 PM to skip traffic.
  2. GPS is your Friend: Use navigation apps for real-time traffic updates.
  3. Know Your Exits: Familiarize yourself with exit names along the I-710 N and US-101 N.

Factors Affecting Travel Time

Understanding the factors affecting travel time from Long Beach to Hollywood is crucial. While the journey typically takes about an hour, several elements can alter this duration. Let’s explore what could extend or shorten your travel.

Seasonal Variations And Events

Seasonal influx of tourists and annual events can impact traffic. Summer months and holidays see heightened activity. Be mindful of:

  • Beach traffic increases on hot days.
  • Hollywood events, like premieres, may cause delays.
  • Festivals like Coachella can see more cars on the road.

Checking the local calendar for events and peak tourism seasons helps plan for a smoother ride.

Construction Zones And Detours

Road work is a constant in urban environments. Construction zones can slow you down unexpectedly. Detours may lead you off the beaten path, potentially extending your trip. Monitor traffic reports and official DOT channels for updates on:

  1. Active construction sites along your route.
  2. Scheduled road closures that might affect you.
  3. Alternative routes and their current conditions.

Pre-trip research into construction schedules could save you valuable time.


Wrapping up, the distance between Long Beach and Hollywood presents travelers with a straightforward trip. Los Angeles’ diverse offerings mean you can enjoy coastal charm and movie magic in one day. Ready to explore? Pack your bags and join in on the SoCal adventure that awaits!

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