Is Omni Grove Park Inn Pet Friendly?

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The Omni Grove Park Inn is not pet-friendly, except for service animals. Pets are not allowed in the resort.

The historic Omni Grove Park Inn offers guests a chance to experience luxury with a touch of Southern charm. Despite its numerous amenities, including a world-class spa, championship golf course, and stunning mountain views, the resort maintains a strict no-pets policy, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests with allergies or who prefer a pet-free environment.

With the exception of service animals, guests need to make alternate arrangements for their pets. Those visiting the area are encouraged to explore local pet lodging options to keep their furry friends close by while enjoying the grandeur of this prestigious property.

Introduction To Omni Grove Park Inn

Set against the idyllic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Omni Grove Park Inn welcomes guests with a blend of southern hospitality and modern luxury. This iconic resort has charmed visitors for over a century with its historic architecture, award-winning spa, and panoramic views. Providing a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, it’s an ideal retreat for travelers and their furry friends.

The Appeal Of A Pet-friendly Stay

  • Unwind with your pet by your side
  • Explore stunning trails together
  • No need to leave your best friend behind

Understanding The Omni Brand

With a reputation for excellence, Omni Hotels & Resorts offers a unique experience tailored to every guest’s needs. The brand’s focus on high-quality service and guest satisfaction extends to pet owners too. The Omni Grove Park Inn is part of this prestigious collection, ensuring that both you and your pet receive top-notch treatment.

Pet AmenitiesLocal Pet-friendly Activities
Comfortable beddingScenic walks
Gourmet treatsDog parks


Pet Policies At Omni Grove Park Inn

Adventures are better with furry friends, and the Omni Grove Park Inn welcomes pets with open arms. The stunning Asheville retreat ensures both you and your pet enjoy a luxurious stay. Let’s unfold their pet-friendly amenities for a paw-fect vacation!

Types Of Pets Allowed

The inn recognizes that pets are part of the family. Dogs and cats make the guest list, offering comfort to their human companions. Embrace the serenity of Asheville with your four-legged pals.

  • Dogs of various sizes
  • Cats that love to explore

Rooms And Spaces Designated For Pets

Your pet deserves luxury accommodation. Thus, the Omni Grove Park Inn designates specific rooms for guests with pets. These spaces provide easy access to outdoor areas for leisurely walks and bathroom breaks.

Pet-Friendly Room FeaturesAvailable Spaces
Ample space for pets to relaxLobby areas
Comfy bedding for a good night’s sleepDesignated outdoor pet zones

Now pack those bags and don’t forget the treats! The Omni Grove Park Inn is ready to make your pet-friendly vacation unforgettable.

Amenities For Four-legged Guests

Discover the paw-perfect stay at The Omni Grove Park Inn! Lovely pooches receive a tail-wagging welcome.

Pet-centric Services

Your furry friend can expect star treatment. We offer a range of pet-centric services designed to make your pet’s stay as comfortable and joyful as yours. From cozy bedding to a special canine menu, every detail ensures they feel right at home.

  • Custom pet-friendly rooms
  • Specialty pet menus
  • Grooming services on request

Outdoor Areas For Pet Activities

Breathe in the fresh mountain air with your four-legged companion and explore outdoor adventures. The Inn boasts sprawling lawns and trails perfect for morning walks or playful afternoons.

Walking TrailsScenic routes around the property
Dog ParkFenced area for off-leash fun

Prepping For Your Pet’s Stay

Traveling with your furry friend adds joy to your adventure. Omni Grove Park Inn welcomes pets, ensuring a memorable stay. Proper preparation is key. Delight in a hassle-free vacation with this essential guide.

Checklist For Pet Owners

Before heading to Omni Grove Park Inn, tick off essentials:

  • Updated Vaccination Records: Ensure your pet is healthy.
  • Identification Tags: Safety first! These are a must.
  • Pet Carrier: Comfort travels with a familiar space.
  • Leash: Keep strolls secure and enjoyable.
  • Food and Water Bowls: Nourishment on the go is crucial.
  • Pet Food: Stick to a regular diet for ease.
  • Favorite Toys: Encourage fun with familiar playthings.
  • Waste Bags: Clean up is a breeze.
  • Bedding: Ensure comfort with their own bed.

Pet Etiquette And Rules

Understanding the inn’s pet policy guarantees a smooth experience:

Leash Areas: Identify leash-required zones.Be mindful of spaces shared with other guests.
Designated Pet Rooms: Book these in advance.Keep noise levels low to respect others’ peace.
Weight Restrictions: Check if your pet qualifies.Monitor your pet for a stress-free stay.
Extra Charges: Prepare for additional fees.Clean up after your pet to maintain cleanliness.

Guest Experiences With Pets

The Omni Grove Park Inn welcomes not just guests but their furry friends too. This pet-friendly resort understands that pets are part of the family. Read on to see how the Inn indulges both you and your pet for a memorable stay.

Testimonials And Reviews

Visitors with pets have praised the Omni Grove Park Inn. They share stories of staff kindness and pet pampering. Below are real guest testimonials:

  • “A Pawsitively Amazing Stay!” – Our Labrador felt right at home.
  • “Five Stars for Fido!” – They catered to every need of our poodle.
  • “Tail-wagging Fun!” – Our beagle made friends everywhere he went.

Exploring Asheville With Your Pet

Asheville is a haven for pet lovers. With scenic trails, welcoming parks, and pet-friendly eateries, it’s the perfect place to stay at the Omni Grove Park Inn with your furry friend. From outdoor adventures to enjoyable meals together, Asheville rolls out the red carpet for pets and their owners alike.

Pet-friendly Attractions Nearby

Asheville offers a variety of attractions that welcome pets. Discover these nearby gems:

  • Asheville Urban Trail: A self-guided walking tour that allows leashed pets.
  • River Arts District: Stroll with your pet among local art studios.
  • The Botanical Gardens at Asheville: Explore native plants and blooms with your leashed buddy.

Dining Out With Pets

Looking for a spot to share a meal with your pet in Asheville? You’re in luck:

Sunny Point CaféHomegrown menu with an outdoor patio for pets.
The Hop Ice Cream CaféSweet treats and a pet-friendly atmosphere.
12 Bones SmokehouseLegendary BBQ with ample outdoor seating for guests with pets.


Traveling with pets can be seamless at Omni Grove Park Inn. Their warm welcome to four-legged companions ensures a memorable stay for every family member. So, pack your bags—and a leash—for a pet-friendly escape to Asheville’s historic retreat. Your furry friends are in for a treat!

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