How Far is Atlanta from Myrtle Beach?

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How Far is Atlanta from Myrtle Beach

Atlanta is approximately 365 miles from Myrtle Beach by road. This distance translates to a driving time of around 5 to 6 hours, depending on traffic.

Embarking on a journey from the bustling city of Atlanta to the serene shores of Myrtle Beach offers a perfect blend of urban excitement and coastal relaxation. Whether planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo retreat, understanding the distance and travel time is crucial for a seamless experience.

Nestled on the sparkling Atlantic Coast, Myrtle Beach is a treasure trove of sandy beaches, golf courses, and entertainment avenues appealing to travelers of all ages. With its warm climate and rich cultural tapestry, this destination promises a delightful escape from Atlanta’s vibrant city life. Visitors embarking on this road trip can anticipate a straightforward route filled with scenic landscapes and potential pit stops to enrich their travel experience.

Geographic Proximity

Understanding the geographic proximity between Atlanta and Myrtle Beach unveils the splendor of Southern travel. These two cities beckon with their distinctive vibes and coastal charm, yet each fits into the grand puzzle of the Southeastern US map. Measuring the distance from the bustling city life of Atlanta to the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach reveals more than just mileage – it highlights the cultural and scenic diversity the South has to offer.

Comparing Southern Coastlines

Atlanta, nestled in the heart of Georgia, is famed for its urban landscape and rich history. In contrast, the Myrtle Beach area in South Carolina boasts a long stretch of sandy beaches and a haven for relaxation and entertainment. Both destinations are prominent jewels of the South, revealing two distinct yet compelling coastal experiences.

FeatureAtlantaMyrtle Beach
SettingUrban MetropolisCoastal Retreat
Distance to CoastLandlockedOceanfront
ActivitiesCultural LandmarksBeach Fun

Atlanta And Myrtle Beach: A Tale Of Two Cities

The trip from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach takes travelers through a scenic display of the Southeast’s best landscapes. While Atlanta rises with modern skyscrapers and historic sites, Myrtle Beach shines with boardwalks and ocean waves. The distance forms a bridge between two different worlds – one steeped in hustle and another in the tranquility of beach life.

  • Atlanta thrives on its cultural heartbeat and economic prowess.
  • Myrtle Beach invites visitors to savor oceanic serenity and family-friendly attractions.

Traveling from Atlanta’s cityscape to the coastal embrace of Myrtle Beach, adventurers embark on a journey of approximately 356 miles, discovering varied scenery and regional charm along the way.

Journey By Road

Traveling from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach by car is a scenic and enjoyable experience. The drive embraces lush landscapes, offering a chance to explore the charming Southern United States. Drivers love the various routes available, each promising an adventure-filled journey. Planning the trip is fun, and choosing the right route makes it even better.

Popular Routes

The choice of roads can shape a road trip adventure. From freeways to picturesque byways, Atlanta to Myrtle Beach has it all.

  • I-20 East to I-95 North: This route is straightforward, with clear signs guiding travelers.
  • I-85 North to SC-9 East: Expect a more adventurous path with scenic vistas.
  • US-378: A favorite for its small towns and local flavors.

Travel Duration

The drive spans approximately 365 miles. Yet, time on the road can vary.

RouteEstimated Time
I-20 East to I-95 North~5 to 6 hours
I-85 North to SC-9 East~6 to 7 hours
US-378~7 hours

Traffic, rest stops, and driving speed can affect the travel time.

Traveling By Air

Traveling by Air from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach is a popular option for those seeking convenience and speed. With several flights daily, sky travelers can easily find a trip that fits their schedule. Let’s explore the flight options and the average time you’ll spend soaring through the skies.

Flight Options

Finding flights from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach is straightforward. Major airlines operate direct flights as well as connecting ones. Here are some points to consider:

  • Direct Flights: Quickest way to reach Myrtle Beach
  • Connecting Flights: May include a layover but often less expensive
  • Airline Choices: Multiple carriers offer flexibility in departure times
  • Departure Frequencies: Several flights available throughout the day

Average Flight Time

The average flight time from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach is a quick hop. Details are summarized in the table below:

Flight TypeAverage Duration
Direct FlightsApprox. 1 hour 15 minutes
Connecting FlightsVaries based on layover site, usually 2-4 hours

Note that times can vary depending on factors like weather and air traffic. Always check with your chosen airline for the most accurate information.

Scenic Stops Along The Way

Embarking on a road trip from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach unfolds a tapestry of enriching experiences. Along this journey, scenic charm invites travelers to pause and delight in nature and culture. Explore must-see attractions and savor culinary gems nestled along the route.

Must-see Attractions

Transform your drive into an adventure with these standout stops:

  • Savannah’s Historic District – Cobblestone streets and Spanish moss.
  • Charleston Waterfront Park – Stunning views and breezy pier strolls.
  • Brookgreen Gardens – Sculptures and botanical beauty.
  • Huntington Beach State Park – Wildlife and serene beachscapes.

Best Places To Eat

Indulge in southern flavors at these top eateries:

Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining RoomSavannah, GAClassic Southern
Hominy GrillCharleston, SCLowcountry Fare
Pawleys Front PorchPawleys Island, SCCasual Eats
Sea Captain’s HouseMyrtle Beach, SCSeafood Delights

Driving Tips And Best Practices

Embarking on a road trip from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach promises adventure and stunning sights. Knowing the best driving tips and practices turns the journey into a pleasure ride. With essential information at hand, travelers can expect a smooth, enjoyable drive of around six hours covering approximately 360 miles.

Safety Precautions

Stay alert and prioritize safety while traveling the stretch between Atlanta and Myrtle Beach.

  • Check your vehicle thoroughly – Ensure tires, brakes, and the engine are in top shape before departure.
  • Rest up for the drive – Begin your journey well-rested; safety diminishes with drowsiness.
  • Keep an emergency kit handy – Pack a first-aid kit, flares, and provisions for unexpected situations.
  • Safety belts are a must – Ensure every passenger buckles up before you hit the road.

Optimal Driving Times

Timing your drive can reduce stress and improve the overall experience.

DayTime FrameTraffic Conditions
WeekdaysEarly morning (6-8 AM)Light to Moderate
WeekendsMid-morning (8-10 AM)Usually Light

Avoid rush hours to escape heavy traffic loads.

  1. Plan stops during off-peak hours for quicker service.
  2. Use navigation apps wisely to stay updated on traffic conditions and road work.
  3. Summer months typically see increased traffic to Myrtle Beach; start early to beat the crowds.

Strategic timing helps ensure a more relaxed drive with fewer delays.

Distance Variations Based On Starting Points

Embarking on a journey from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach? Understanding the distance differences from various starting points within Atlanta is key. Whether you start from the bustling downtown or the quiet suburbs, your trip’s length can change.

Downtown Vs. Suburban Atlanta

Starting from downtown Atlanta and driving to Myrtle Beach covers approximately 356 miles. This journey typically takes 5 to 6 hours via I-20 E and I-95 N, depending on traffic. In contrast, leaving from a suburban location such as Alpharetta or Marietta might add an extra 15 to 25 miles to your trip. That’s roughly 30 minutes more travel time.

Impact Of Departure Location

The specific suburb from which you depart greatly impacts the distance and drive time. Each suburb has its own respective routes with varying traffic conditions:

  • Alpharetta: About 370 miles; Route via GA-400 S and I-85 N.
  • Marietta: Approximately 376 miles; I-75 N leads to a different start.

Choosing a departure point closer to major highways can cut down on your travel time. Let’s explore with a table:

LocationDistanceEstimated Travel Time
Downtown Atlanta356 miles5 – 6 hours
Alpharetta370 miles5.5 – 6.5 hours
Marietta376 miles5.5 – 6.5 hours

Remember, these estimations can change due to factors like roadwork, traffic, and weather conditions. Planning your route in advance ensures a smoother trip to Myrtle Beach.

Climate And Seasonal Considerations

Planning a trip from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach requires understanding the climate. Weather patterns and seasonal traffic flows can affect travel time and experience.
Let’s explore what to anticipate.

Weather Patterns

The climate differs between Atlanta and Myrtle Beach. Atlanta experiences a humid subtropical climate. This means hot summers and mild winters. Myrtle Beach has similar weather but with a coastal influence. Expect more humidity and breezy conditions near the beach. The table below showcases average temperatures:

Atlanta62°F – 78°F80°F – 89°F59°F – 73°F42°F – 59°F
Myrtle Beach64°F – 77°F83°F – 91°F60°F – 75°F46°F – 60°F

Before departing, check for unexpected weather phenomena like hurricanes or storms. They might affect coastal regions.

Seasonal Traffic Flows

Traveling outside peak seasons can save time and money. Summer months draw large crowds to Myrtle Beach. This leads to heavier traffic. In contrast, late fall and early spring see fewer tourists. Roads are clearer during these times.

  • Fall and spring present the best driving conditions
  • Summer may require longer travel times
  • Winter is less crowded but check for potential icy roads

Comparative Travel Costs

Are you planning a trip from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach? Understanding travel costs is crucial. From gas prices to flight tickets, expenses can vary. Let’s compare and find the best option for your budget.

Fuel Efficiency And Expenses

Travel by car can be budget-friendly if your vehicle is fuel-efficient. Here’s what to consider:

  • Distance: Atlanta to Myrtle Beach is about 350 miles.
  • Average Gas Mileage: Assume your car gets 30 MPG.
  • Current Gas Prices: Check the latest costs online.

Let’s calculate:

MileageGas Price per GallonTotal Cost (One-Way)
30 MPG$3.00$35

Remember, a round trip doubles the cost. Tolls, food, and rest stops add more.

Ticket Prices For Flights

If time is limited, flying could be wiser. Compare ticket prices:

  1. Check different airlines.
  2. Use price comparison websites.
  3. Look for off-peak discounts.

Typical prices range from $150 to $300 for a round trip. Keep an eye on baggage fees. Extra luggage costs more. Book early to save most. Signing up for fare alerts helps catch drops in prices.


Embarking on the journey from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach promises an adventure filled with scenic landscapes and southern charm. This trip, approximately 6 hours by car, blends urban exploration with coastal relaxation. So, pack your bags, set your playlist, and prepare to create memories that bridge the 355-mile distance.

Whether a weekend retreat or a summer vacation, the route to Myrtle Beach from Atlanta is a traveler’s delight. Safe travels!

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